Employability workshop for advanced Philosophy PhD students

University  of  Birmingham,  Wednesday  11  November  2009

G51,  European Research Institute

1.00-­‐1.30 Arrival  and  lunch

1.30-­‐2.00   What jobs are there out there?

2.00-­‐3.00 Writing your academic CV

3.15-­‐4.15 Preparing for academic job interviews

4.15-­‐4.45     Coffee

4.45-­‐5.45     Giving  an  academic  job  talk

5.45-­‐6.00     Q&A    About  the  workshop

The   philosophy   job   market   is   incredibly   competitive,   so   poorly   presented   CV,   ill-­‐prepared   interview  or  misguided  job  talk  will  almost  certainly  ruin  your  chances.  This  workshop  provides   you  with  some  guidance  on  how  to  present  your  qualifications  and  experience  in  a  way  that   maximises  your  chances  of  success.   The   workshop   will   be   led   by   Prof.   Helen   Beebee,   with   some   help   from   one   or   two   newly-­‐ appointed  staff  who  have  recent  experience  of  the  job  market.  It  is  aimed  at  PhD  students  who   are  getting  towards  jobs;  however,  PhD  sthink  ahead.

Travel  expenses

We  have  a  limited  budget  to  reimburse  your  travel  expenses  if  you  are  not  at  Birmingham  or   BCU.  Please  keep  all  receipts;  we  will  give  you  a  claim  form  on  the  day.  Please  note  we  can  ONLY   pay   for   public   transport   (no   taxis)   or   private   car   mileage,   up   to   a   maximum   of   £10   per   person/car.

Getting  to  the  University

The  easiest  way  is  by  train.  From  Birmingham  New  Street,  take  a  train  to  University  (the  trains   are  normally  heading  for  Longbridge  or  Redditch);  the  service  is  frequent  and  takes  less  than  10   minutes.  The  European  Research  Institute  is  a  5-­‐10  minute  walk  from  University  station.  See  the   campus   map   available   at   www.bham.ac.uk/documents/B2661_edgbaston_all_zones3.pdf;   the   ERI  is  building  no.  G3,  on  Pritchatts  Road.  If  you  come  by  car,  the  South  Car  Park  on  Edgbaston   Park  Road  is  a  pay-­‐and-­‐display  car  park  for  visitors.

If  you  would  like  to  come,  please  let  Helen  know  (h.beebee (at) bham.ac.uk)  by  Monday  2  November.

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