Report on Workshop 2 (Dec 3rd 2008)

Midlands Philosophy Research Training Network

Birmingham, Birmingham City, Keele, Staffordshire, Warwick


Event 2: Teaching and Curriculum Design Workshop

Birmingham City University, 3 December 2008



Attendance: 5 PhD students (BCU : 3, Warwick : 2)

(3 students did not attend despite registering with apologies received from 1.)

Quantitative questionnaire scores (averages, marked out of 5):


Running seminars and lecturing to a large class:        5.0

Curriculum development:                                            4.8

Designing a whole module:                                         4.8



Content of the workshop:                                           4.8

Presentation of the workshop:                                    5.0

Overall satisfaction:                                                    5.0


Everyone said they were ‘very likely’ to change some aspect of how they approach their PhD/professional development activities as a result of the workshop.


Some comments from participants:

  • “The whole workshop was of the highest quality.”
  • “I’m looking forward to the fully developed website of the RTN.”


Suggestions for improvement/additions from participants:

  • “It would be good to work through a module in detail to see how all the ideas are actually applied.”
  • “More attendees please!”
  • “More (if there’s time!) practical activities.”


Comments from workshop presenter:

Dr David Mossley (Manager of the Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies- delivered the first session which was very well received.

I am pleased that everyone found it both useful and enjoyable but as with the first workshop it is a shame that attendance was not higher. Everyone who has participated in the workshops is keen to see the development of the research training network and thinks that they will gain much from it in terms of professional development, networking and information.

The comments about practical activities and working through a module in detail are useful. Time constraints impose selectivity on what material can be covered but it should be possible to incorporate both these suggestions in future deliveries of the workshop

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