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Wake up and smell the (decaffeinated) coffee.


So Great Britain isn’t so great after all. Perhaps this isn’t news for many but I was very surprised to read that Britain is well down the list on the WHO league table of health care

(see link and go to p18)

I always thought, in true English stiff upper lip and arrogant fashion that ‘we are the best’ and Johnny foreigner should be envious. But hold on – it turns out that Pierre, Gustav and Ricardo all enjoy a far better health system that poor John English. It turns out that we are 17th and that our partisan friends in Europe have a far better time than us.

Why is this? Well, I have the answer.

You see, England once ruled the waves and Queen Vicky dominated the world with the Commonwealth reaching all corners of the globe. England was the dominant world force and when Britannia spoke, all listened in trepidation. But all we did was speak and not act. We were so confident that we were ahead of everyone that we didn’t try as hard as the others – and try they did.

The result was the rest of the world very quietly, caught up with this country and left it behind.

Unfortunately I think that this is true of many facets of life in this country not just health. Perhaps there is some solace in the countries that we are ahead of – two countries placed in the 30’s caused me even greater surprise (and delight admittedly).

So what next? I would like to think that we are waking up and realise that arrogance does not make a world leader. Hard work, effort and a driven desire to be the best makes the leader – the question is, are we waking up to the smell of coffee or pressing the snooze button for ten more minutes sleep?