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Shrek theatre asks autistic boy to leave – what do you think?


The mother of an autistic boy said she was “ashamed of society” after her eight-year-old son was asked to leave a performance of Shrek the Musical.

James Geater, from Worthing, West Sussex, was taken to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London with another autistic boy by four carers.

They were asked to leave the auditorium because they were too noisy. James’s mother Karen said it was unacceptable.

The theatre said the party was asked to sit outside until James calmed down.

©BBC News 31st August 2011 (Link to full article here)

James’s mother is ashamed of society, but I would like to pose the question “Should poor behaviours be acceptable if they are the result of an illness”. In a recent blog Tony mentioned road rage. Is it the fault of this condition that people assault one another or do they still have choices? For many years I have told young men who have schizophrenia that assaults on others are not acceptable. Is it really unreasonable to ask that having paid to see a show I should be allowed to do so without distraction?

I remember travelling from New York to Baltimore on a bus with a very noisy child, who threw high pitched tantrums at any opportunity. His mother was asked to either control the child or leave the bus. What sort of society would strand a mother and small child because of its behaviour?

The phrase “For the greater good” has been used to allow some terrible acts in mankind’s history and maybe James should never be allowed to go to the theatre again so the rest of us can watch in peace or maybe the theatre should put on special shows for people with problems?

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