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A sporting yarn

There was once a cricketer who enjoyed his sport and got rather good at it. One day, the cricketer bumped into a footballer and said“Hello, I’m a professional sportsman just like you!”

A jolly good cricketer!
A chap playing cricket

The footballer looked at the cricketer with great disdain.

“No you’re not”
“Yes I am” cried the cricketer in dismay.

The cricketer went away and thought long and hard about what the footballer had said. He had spent years studying and practising his sport and wanted to be respected as a professional sportsman. How could the footballer treat him so? To prove his merit as a professional sportsman, the cricketer decided to learn to play football – if he could do this then he will be respected as a professional sportsman he thought.

After some time, the cricketer had indeed learnt to play football. He found the footballer and said:

“Look, I can play football just like you! Now do you see me as a professional sportsman?”

The footballer still had the look of disdain and said sneeringly

“OK. Whatever you say.”

And the cricketer continued to play football.

The cricketer stopped being a cricketer. He forgot to do what he was supposed to do. And the relevance….have nurses forgotten the nursing role? Are we trying to be every other profession (and one in particular) because we suffer with a pervasive lack of professional confidence? It seems to me that as a profession, we are ashamed to admit that we are a caring profession. Perhaps that nursing is the only health related profession where the entry level is not graduate (yes it will be changing shortly) has left us feeling a little embarrassed?

Some other chaps playing footie
Some other chaps playing footie