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New Mental Health Nursing Textbook published!

Just a quick post to remind everyone to have a look at  ‘Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing’ which was published this month.

Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing
Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing

The book is intended to cover the pre registration mental health nursing course and was written by a team of Mental Health Nurses – many (but not all) from Birmingham City University or the local trust. The book also benefits greatly from contributions by service users and student nurses.

The book is a little different in that it is partly an on-line resource, if you go to the publishers website you can access a lot of the supporting material from the book such as videos, quizzes and additional chapter material.

The book is intended as an intoduction for people who have had no previous experience of mental health nursing. We have also tried to write it in plain English – I believe that Mental Health Nursing isn’t rocket science! (although perhaps we sometimes make out that it is?)    Anyway – for obvious reasons we are a bit biased about this so, take a look and see what you think about it , all comments welcome!