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A Critical Observation of Critical Insurance

Like many people, I have a mortgage and with it, the necessary life insurance. With mine, I took out the ‘critical cover’ – what this means is that if I die, the mortgage is paid off and if I become ill and cannot work, then the mortgage is paid off. But stop…if I become ill? No, if I become physically ill. Mental illness doesn’t come into it. It’s not covered in any shape or form. Not even a whisper. Basically then, you are not allowed to have a mortgage AND a mental illness. Don’t even think about it. You are being greedy having both things.

I have thought a lot about this. I understand the need to cater for someone who loses limbs and so cannot work or someone who develops a terminal illness and so obviously has other priorities than working. I understand that many conditions can stop a person from having a sufficient income that allows them to pay a mortgage. 

I also understand that insurance companies would probably be inundated with claims if mental illness was included – I am certain that many dishonest people would try to make a claim by claiming a mental illness. But hang on a minute, we have psychiatrists don’t we? And aren’t insurance companies renowned for putting in clauses? Why can’t there be a clause that states a mental illness ‘that has lasted at least 6 months and prevents the claimant from working and is under the care of an appropriate medical consultant and is receiving appropriate treatment’? Hopefully the false claims would be weeded out – please note that the sentence above is from my insurance documents but is applied to physical conditions.

The insurance company is willing to weed out false claims for physical conditions but will not even entertain the idea of even considering a genuine claim for mental illness. Why not mental illness?  We know that with many illnesses people are simply unable to work but here they do not have the benefit of insurance that others may have.

But I begin from a false ideal, that life is fair.


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