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NHS fails to care for elderly?

No doubt everyone has heard by now that the Health Service ombudsman has published a report which is critical of NHS care of the elderly (Report available here)

I have not had time to read the full report but what I have seen is a grim catalogue of neglect and incompetence.

It is apparently based on ten complaints – not a big sample but big enough to make a major impact in the news ( BBC , Daily Mail , Express , Guardian )

Would many people be prepared to argue that these cases are unrepresentative of care – and that we really do have good standards of care?

I know a lot of people in NHS health care and of course I get to speak to our students about care –  I am sure that people still want to do a good job and strive for high standards.

Rather than pontificate for ages about this I really wanted to ask you all – what do you think?