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The Dementia Care Strategy

In my blog I’m going to write about dementia, this is because that was my main speciality in practice, and because I have a module launching in a couple of weeks that focuses on dementia and so it is uppermost in my mind.

Leonardo DaVinci
Old Man with Water Studies: Leonardo DaVinci

Last year I was thrilled (yes, I really was but didn’t let it show) that the Government was planning to release a Dementia Care Strategy and got quite excited that suddenly my ‘poor relation’ interest was going to be top of the news and lead to better funding and public attention, and also give me lots of new material to boost lessons and discussions in class. It was like as a child waiting for a particular present which isn’t exactly promised, but you feel there’s a good chance it will turn up. As you may know, the Strategy wasn’t published before Christmas, perhaps the Government had other things to deal with, but from my perspective, and others in the field and those who have Dementia, and their families, it was a disappointment.

We do know roughly what the Strategy might contain, because there’s been a draft, and the themes are likely to be raising public awareness, early recognition and improved care. One of the things the strategy was criticised for was a certain vagueness about any money to support the recommendations. Now I’m getting anxious that not only I won’t get the present, but that if I do it won’t have any batteries.

This is just a little corner of the world, and it’s not just about being a spoilt brat when there are so many other pressing concerns – older people, at risk of dementia, or who already have it, don’t usually have high expectations, but maybe this time it will be their turn (and with them all the nurses and other staff involved in their support) to beam with pleasure when they unwrap the parcel. We’ll have to wait and see.