Universities, the new motorists?

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Everyone knows that successive governments have plundered the pockets of motorists to swell the National coffers. They know that we will not give up our cars to use overpriced, dirty and unreliable public transport.

It now seems that if something becomes a priority to people and high on their wish list then that too can become a valuable source of income. Higher education has become something which all people are beginning to realise will improve not only the lives of the individual but of society as a whole.

What was once considered the province of the upper and middle classes has become widely available to all. This importance placed on education by the people has opened it up to charges. Not only has public funding for Universities been plundered but now Vince Cable, the Business secretary, has come up with an even better cash cow. Let’s tax Graduates forever. Well, maybe not but it could seem like it. We can also means test them to ensure we get the most out of the process. Not only will this force higher education facilities to increase their bureaucracy to manage tax collection but will also increase the number of civil servants required.

Isn’t it about time that the value of higher education to the country was realised and the country properly funded it?

LONDON - OCTOBER 29:  A student takes part in a demonstration to protest over higher tuition fees on October 29, 2006 in London, England. Students are calling on the British government to reform the new student finance policy. Students who started degree courses in September 2006 will have to pay up to GBP3,000 a year towards their tuition costs.  (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

6 thoughts on “Universities, the new motorists?

  1. Totally agree.

    It certainly does appear that Uni’s are becoming the easy target for the government and is a brilliant example of short sighted thinking

  2. Is it likely that University will once again become primarily something for the Upper/Middle classes?
    Don’t bet against it.
    Cheaper in the short term (perhaps) but what a backward step for this country!

  3. Andy, I couldn’t agree more but I think that you might need to go further. Higher education will become the sole preserve of the rich. The middle classes are the governments cash cow. They pay income tax, vat, soon Vince’s tax. The rich will just move their money offshore and the poor don’t have any money so the middle classes pay for everything. They soon won’t have any spare for luxuries like educating their children. Still maybe you could pay for an apprenticeship for your children and get them a trade.

  4. Simon – actually you are right! My wife & I have just been saying that at current rates we probably wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for higher education for both kids – especially since we wouldn’t expect to get any help with fees etc

  5. Perhaps Vince cable and co will restore a previous fall back position for people who did not used to go onto to further education that has been in serious decline since the ’80’s. Re-industrialise the nation! We could buy or bring back all the manufacturing industries that were shipped abroad wholesale or simply closed!

    Without either being available or affordable won’t there be a bit of a gap? What are the inbetweeners to do ?

  6. It’s so sad. In a society where equal opportunities is encouraged this just flies in the face of it. Only the privaleged will be able to go to University and I agree with Cheryl, where will people with a skill be able to work? I know many young people and parents who would agree that the young adult can only afford University because they’re already being supported by parents. After University parents are supporting their children to buy their first home. Where do this stop and when do young people and their parents get a break.

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