5 tips for getting back into uni life

Coming back after a long time off can be difficult for even the most focused of students. With today being the first official day of semester two here in the School of Media, we’ve come up with our top five tips to get you back in the zone and ready for the semester ahead….

  1. Say goodbye to that awful sleeping pattern

Nothing says ‘no responsibilitie’s quite like being able to fall asleep at 2am and wake up 12 hours later. So, to make sure you’re in the best possible mindset for the day ahead, try hitting the hay a little bit earlier and setting a morning alarm – even if you don’t need to get up!

  1. Get ahead of the game

With your timetable confirmed, familiarise yourself with your new schedule and try and get ahead of things by getting those pre-readings done so your organised before each of your new sessions. You’ll thank us later when that first 9am lecture rolls around!

  1. Set some targets

Nothing quite says personal achievement like hitting those mini-targets you set yourself. Start small and see how you go. Why not add in some rewards for some extra fun? For every week you make it in to every class, go ahead and treat yourself!

  1. Remember that budget

It’s been a month since that glorious day when just for a second, your bank balance is like music to your ears. If you haven’t’ already spent your entire budget on nights out and sale shopping, try setting yourself a weekly budget and sticking to it. Knowing how much you have to spend each week takes off a lot of stress, which we all know us students have enough of!

  1. Find a balance

With all the above tips aside, remember to find that balance between studying and downtime. University is stressful as it, we work hard for our degrees and we’re only here once so ENJOY IT.

With all that said, we welcome you back for another semester! We’d love to hear your tips on getting back into zone. Tweet us at @bcumedia to get involved.


Post by Emily Eddings, second year PR student at the Birmingham School of Media, Birmingham City University 

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