CRAFT Showcase

CRAFT officially ended last night with the screening of six films and one audio book, making a total of seven very inspiring and creative pieces that is testament to how a truly collaborative project can yield rich media, and enrich student lives during their time at BCU.

Participants from the school of Media, CEBE, BSA, Architecture, Fashion and English worked together over a four week period to deliver new content in a pilot project that will hopefully set the stage for future, collaborative practice.

“I have had an amazing experience collaborating with so many different creatives across multiple disciplines. CRAFT has opened my eyes to the other areas in BCU and to the opportunities for collaboration in our uni. Furthermore, it has inspired me to carry on working with other creatives and develop my own projects.”

Peter Paton 2017 CRAFT participant

“Enjoyable to see how other courses work and how they can work together. I found that the filming students knew about the studio floor but nothing about the gallery. Whereas, the TV/ media and communication knew about the gallery more than they knew about the studio floor. Together the courses worked well in this respect.”

April Ely 2017 CRAFT partcipant

Above are some responses on the feedback forms sent out about CRAFT month and below are links to the productions that participants delivered during CRAFT. Some are works in progress, but what the students achieved during this month was quite remarkable, and they should be very proud of themselves.   – Handmade Brick by Peter Paton and Jim Sloane – Stationery Express by Hugo Von Fragstein – Three Kingdoms by Seabert Henry – Best Before End by Sam Gould and Dominika Suskova – CRAFT media month catwalk show – Thelma by Gina George – Diamond the Cat audio book by Emma Jarratt – Simon the Spider audio book by Emma Jarratt



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