CRAFT experiences – Sam Gould and Dominika Suskova


Sam and Dominika produced Best Before End for CRAFT, shot in studio D over two days, Sam Gould the director gives a brief description of the programme below.

Sam Gould 2017

Dominika Suskova produced Best Before End and shares her experience of being involved in CRAFT month below:

“Becoming a part of the media month and being able to develop and bring Best Before End, our satirical TV and online news programme to life has been a great journey and an incredibly valuable experience. As a producer for this show I personally feel like I have not only developed some of my existing skills but I also learned a lot of new things from working with students from different courses. Putting together a production of such extent requires a lot of planning and organisation and I cannot be more grateful that I got to work with so many talented and skilled BCU students and professionals. I’m proud I’ve been a part of this project from the very beginning. And I’m very happy I got to be a part of Craft – the initiative is proof that when talented and hardworking people join forces, they can create something great together.”

Dominika Suskova 2017

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