CRAFT Experiences – April Ely and Luke Brickley

April Ely is a student that worked alongside BSA students and Nick Prosser, below she recounts her experience of being involved in the workshops.

“As a part of CRAFT media month, I was given the opportunity to work with Nick Prosser.  Nick is a previous director of EastEnders. He is a part of Media month to teach the BCU acting students how to work to camera. During the shoot I was in charge of the main Gallery. I worked with Nick directly, running the ingest/ VT desk and vision mixing a multi camera drama.

I initially went along to learn the role of the director for my final year project. However, I left the experience also knowing how to use the VT desk and the pressures of Vision mixing. Before this, I only Vison mixed on magazine and chat show sets, where the director would tell you when to cut. However, I am now experienced with drama, where you are left to follow a camera script and actor movements. It was enjoyable but rather stressful. Luckily, Nick was helpful and remained calm with my efforts. I believe that my skills as a vision mixer have improved dramatically. In addition, I have more experience working with a large cast. I find actors pleasant to work with but overly energetic. It’s interesting to see the dramatic differences between cast and crew on a set.

Working on this project was informative and fun. It was great to work with a professional media worker. I would suggest that other media students get involved.”

                                                                              April Ely 2017

LukeLuke Brickley worked alongside Nick too but has been involved in other projects such as ‘The Hand Made Brick’, “Stationery Express’, ‘Diamond The Cat and Simon The Spider’ and ‘Thelma by Gina George’.
” I first heard of craft month from one of my lecturers posting on it on our courses facebook page and a few of the jobs looked interesting so I thought that I may as well give it a try and besides it would be another credit on my sound portfolio.
Honestly I was kinda expeciting it to be a pretty  run of the mill adverage few weeks … However what I soon discovered is that actually CRAFT month is great, Through the last few weeks I’ve met some of  the best contacts I could ever hope to get , whether that be Nick Prosser with his knowledge of directing or the BSA actors, who whilst some of there skills in directing and camera knowledge are a little rusty (this to be fair is to be expected, I couldnt tell you the first thing about acting and if you put me in front of a camera i’d act a damn fool) they wrote some of the best scripts for comedy that I’d seen in a long time… and they more or less  hit their marks every time, no nonsense, no wasted time trying to run scenes over and over and over.
If the CRAFT month where to ever run straight again and my schedule was free enough you can sign me straight up, it was awesome and to anybody considering doing it next year I really couldnt reccomend it more”
                                                                                                                                                         Luke Brickley 2017

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