CRAFT Experiences – Deborah Hunt


Deborah Hunt is an MA student involved in CRAFT and below she describes her experiences over the last month.

Stationary-Express-cast-and-crewDeborah Hunt above with the crew and cast of Stationery Express

I have found media month to be very informative and great hands-on experience of working on live projects and learning from both Dave Remes and Nick Prosser. Two of the projects I worked on were as an Assistant Director on comedy-drama Stationary Express; and Camera Op and Editor of Three Kingdoms – a short drama based on an interrogation scene.  Stationary Express required a lot of preparation and a long 12 hour shoot but was a great learning experience, productive and fun to do.

Deborah Hunt 2017

Students have been allowed to get involved in as many projects as they want during CRAFT month to broaden their skills and gain an understanding of how other people, either studying or from industry, approach their subject/area of expertise.  Actors have gained from working with cameras, and production students have gained an understanding of how directing actors influences composition and camera movement. Fashion students have gained from a live catwalk show and how to address the camera, and photography students have gained from shooting on location with studio lighting and also working with fashion clothing and models. Finally, drama students have also gained experience of creating character voices during the recording of an audio book with industry specialist Marc Silk. Create, collaborate and innovate was the premise behind CRAFT, and this month’s productions have captured how inspiring collaboration can be.

Below: Nick Prosser delivering acting workshops.

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