CRAFT collaboration month


CRAFT media month is a collaboration across faculties, allowing students with varied skill sets to work together and understand each others craft.  During this month we have produced six, innovative and creative pieces of work, with others working towards completion.  Collaboration is the focus of  CRAFT, and without the input of very enthusiastic students from under and post graduate courses in various subjects, and our wonderful technicians, none of this would have been possible.  Below are some of the projects we have been working on.

IMG_1010Nick Prosser, an industry professional and TV director, has been working with BSA students to help them better understand working with cameras and direction. Through a series of workshops involving the School of Media, BSc (Hons) Film Production Technology and MA broadcast students, they have recorded soliloquies and short form video dramas.

“I have received favourable comments from the acting students and I believe they did come away with a clear awareness, both of the techniques necessary to perform on camera and an appreciation of what is involved behind the camera.” Nick Prosser

Best Before End – Sam Gould and Dominika Suskova.

Best Before End is a satirical news programme featuring students from the BSA, MA broadcast and BSc (Hons) Film Production Technology.


Interrogation Room – Seabert Henry

A three hander video production featuring BSA, MA broadcast, BSc (Hons) Film Production Technology and School of Media students focussing on an intense confrontation in a confined space.


Catwalk Show – Studio B – Jason Johns

The catwalk show involved 150 fashion students and 150 models in one day in Studio B, Parkside. Filmed using Milo in the green screen room (Studio B) and by MA broadcast, BSc (Hons) Film Production Technology, School of Media undergraduates and photographed by actors and MA students.


Stationery Express – Hugo Von Fragstein

This comedy drama written by Hugo a BSA student, takes its influences from The Office and is set within a small stationery company. Working with other actors from BSA, MA Broadcast and BSc (Hons) Film Production Technology students, this four hander was camera scripted by director Nick Prosser.


Diamond the Cat and Simon the Spider Emma Jarratt

MA student Emma Jarratt has brought her two short stories to life with the help of voice over artist Marc Silk.  Marc gave a fascinating workshop about his career and how to develop character voices for audio productions.  This was a collaboration with the BSA and MA broadcast students


The Hand Made Brick – Jim Sloane

This short documentary follows the processes involved in making a brick from scratch to the finished, kiln-fired end product.  There are 12 architect students competing for the best design to be presented as the winner to a client. This is a collaboration between BSc (Hons) Film Production Technology students and the School of Architecture.


If you would be interested in writing and creating engaging content for CRAFT and this blog, please contact expressing your areas of interest, whether it be writing, photographing, interviewing of helping with design.

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