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Top Jewellery Manufacturer Executes Strategic Business-model

Top Jewellery Manufacturer Executes Strategic Business-model

R Platnauer Ltd is a significant Midlands company in the field of jewellery and associated giftware. The company was established in 1918 and today is among the UK’s top ten jewellery manufacturers.

The late 1990s saw significant shifts in its markets, because of the strong pound and increased competition from low-cost-base countries. R Platnauer Ltd invited Birmingham City University’s Technology, Engineering and the Environment (TEE) faculty to help it move from producing volume jewellery to customised design, manufacture, packaging and marketing for major national clients. This KTP built on the foundations of two previous successful Teaching Company Schemes with Birmingham City University.

The Project

New capabilities and skills transferred into the company by the first KTP programmes needed to be complemented by developing further service-support capabilities. This was to complete its metamorphosis from mass-market jewellery manufacturer to branded corporate giftware and jewellery service provider. The extra services included management and coordination of design, marketing support, packaging and sourcing of overseas suppliers.

The company’s objectives were to increase profitability and develop its customer-base in the face of Far East competition. Increased product innovation and reduced lead times were crucial. The company was also aware that it’s manufacturing planning and control procedures and information systems had not kept pace with the increased size and complexity of the business. A further objective was to subsequently improve the company’s information systems infrastructure.

The project enabled R Platnauer Ltd to apply a systematic, analytical approach to product development, and business and outsourcing processes through an integrated Management Information System (MIS). Significant improvements were achieved throughout the company, specifically in its ability to provide giftware design, marketing and product sourcing services to global brands such as Manchester United FC, the England Football Team, Morgan Motor Company and Chelsea FC. It has sustained its market share in the face of severe overseas competition and transformed from high volume UK-focused, jewellery manufacturer to leading branded corporate giftware and jewellery supplier.

The Outcomes

  • New markets and growing income streams from existing and new products.
  • Reduced delivery lead times and costs which increased demand from traditional markets.
  • Customer-focused capabilities enabling products to be jointly developed with partners.
  • Significant benefits from using lean and agile manufacturing techniques.
  • Efficiency benefits of an integrated enterprise resource management.
  • Implementation of a state-of-the-art Quality Management System.

Our partnership with Birmingham City University over the last few years has enabled our business to take a quantum leap in technology and we are expanding with some vigour once again.” – Paul Platnauer, Managing Director, R Platnauer Ltd



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