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Small Business Takes Giant Leap In Innovation

Small Business Takes Giant Leap In Innovation

Prism is an independent manufacturing jewellery company founded in 1981. The company’s products include titanium, silver, gold and platinum jewellery ranges for men and women. Prism is a design-led company and has consistently focused its energies on quality of design and manufacture, with high importance placed on a marketing strategy which is sympathetic to these values.

Prism took the strategic decision to investigate the use of technology in the design and production process. However, as a relatively small business, access to such skills and tools was proving problematic in terms of cost and resource.

The Project

In order to meet an increasing demand for new and bespoke products from its clients, the company approached the Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre (JIIC) for assistance to improve its capacity and capability by setting up a bespoke design service and introducing a structured new product development strategy. As this was a strategic long-term project the most appropriate method of delivery was through the Technology Strategy Board (formally DTI) funded Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) project.

The JIIC/Prism KTP project initially aimed to establish a structured design policy strategy for the company and its design team, and to market and introduce a bespoke service in order to generate an additional source of income for the company.

The two year project involved employing an Associate who: analysed new product trends; designed utilising Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Rapid Prototype (RP); supervised and managed the bespoke service; instigated a design strategy; liaised with the workshop team, customers and suppliers; raised the brand profile; underwent training for CAD, RP and Computer Numerical Controlled milling and new product development process, and subsequently trained other company personnel.

The Outcomes

  • Several new wedding ring collections have been launched with the new product development service.
  • The speed at which new products can be brought to market has attracted new retail customers requiring customised jewellery designs.
  • The bespoke design service was successfully implemented within Prism and a company design strategy embedded.
  • The company now utilises CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototype processes as an integral part of the design team’s bespoke and new product development.
  • The company has attracted new retail customers, and resultant publicity from the new service and ranges.
  • Prism now has far greater control over all aspects of the new product development process, which is proving cost effective.

We’re experiencing tremendous demand for our new bespoke design service, in no small way due to the help of our Knowledge Transfer Associate and the JIIC. We can now anticipate and respond to demand quickly whilst maintaining high standards of visual appeal.” – Barry & Sally Milburn, Managing Directors, Prism Jewellery Design Ltd


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