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KT For Graduates.

KT For Graduates


If you want to apply your degree, start a ‘real’ job straight away and gain a professional qualification, then a Knowledge Transfer (KT) is what you’re looking for.

You should be inquisitive, bright and serious about getting ahead.


About KT

A Knowledge Transfer (KT) is a three-way project between a graduate, an organisation and Birmingham City University (the ‘knowledge base’).

Covering a huge range of projects, KT is one of the largest graduate recruitment programmes across the UK.

Why KT?

Are you looking to:

  • launch your career from the right platform
  • earn your value in the market place
  • apply your degree to your job
  • be mentored in your job
  • gain ownership of your project

With a KT you take ownership of a project that is core to the development of the organisation’s strategy; you can apply your degree as well as develop your own skill base with continued support from both the organisation and academic supervisor. You also enable knowledge transfer between the organisation and the University.

How Does A KT Work?

A KT can help you enhance your career prospects by providing you with an opportunity to manage a challenging project central to a businesses strategic development and long term growth.

Through your KT project, you play a key role in managing and implementing tactical or strategic development in the business and transferring knowledge between the business and the knowledge base. KT Associates own their project and are supported by experienced staff from the business and the knowledge base. Typical challenges you could encounter as a KT Associate, depending on your qualifications, include designing and introducing new or improved products or processes, re-organising production facilities, introducing improved quality systems and technology, or developing and implementing marketing strategies to break into new markets.

The project lasts for a period of between 6 months to three years with approximately 70% of Associates offered employment by the host business.

Is KT For Me?

KT works across a wide range of academic disciplines and industry sectors, and any degree subject is considered. Your KT might be recipe development for a leading food business or developing marketing campaigns to reach the socially disadvantaged or researching new technologies for environmental sustainability. The opportunities are huge.

Training & Development

For projects of 12 months minimum KT Associates get to spend around 10% of their time in training and personal development, and at the start of the KT they are given a training budget to manage – so you get to decide which courses you think would benefit you.

Training modules cover: personal development, project management, marketing and effective communication, finance and leadership development, as well as job-specific technical training.

In addition to the experience gained through working on a KT project and the on-the-job training, Associates will have access to a wide range of training opportunities.

Interested? Get In Touch.

Contact: Natalie Lewis, Knowledge Transfer Manager, Birmingham City University

T: 0121 331 5677
M: 07974 570533
E: natalie.lewis[@]bcu.ac.uk


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