Craftspace – Made in the Middle

We are SO proud of our staff, all enthusiastic practitioners in whatever field they work in, so it is great to see that FOUR of them have been selected to be in the prestigious and impressive “Made in the Middle” show curated by Craftspace and on display now in The Herbert gallery in Coventry, before embarking on an 18 month tour of the Midlands. Additionally, our ever-popular PhD student, John Grayson is also exhibiting.

Featured – Anna Lorenz, Sally Collins, Zoe Robertson and Dauvit Alexander.

A few random shots from the opening last night:

Sally Collins at Made in the Middle.
Work by Sally Collins.


Work by Dauvit Alexander at Made in the Middle
Work by Dauvit Alexander


Handling collection, "Made in the Middle".
The handling collection with work by Sally and Dauvit.