School of Jewellery Degree Show 2018

Time once more for the School of Jewellery Graduate Show, the chance for our students to stop being students and show off what they have done with their shiny new qualifications. It feels like a bumper year, too.

The graduate show ran for a week with two private views, one for “Friends and Family” and one for our industry partners, each having a very different character. The graduates themselves ran the first “Friends and Family” night with a band, a rather excellent bar (with sponsorship from local Purecraft Bar), and an introduction from our own starry Chancellor, Lenny Henry!

Graduate Show Opening - 2018 - 7
Graduate Show Opening - 2018 - 4

Graduate Show Opening - 2018 - 2

Lots of proud mums and dads, grandparents, partners, siblings and friends. An excellent night all round.
The industry night had a rather different complexion, it also being the night of our prize-giving when the jewellery, horology and gemmology trade, as well as designers and makers and supporting organisations generously give prizes for the best work in the show.

School of Jewellery - Graduate Show 2018 - 4
Lorna McNaught being presented with a prize by Head of School, Professor Stephen Bottomley and Ellen McAdam, Director of Birmingham Museums Trust, our guest speaker for the evening.

Over 42 prizes were awarded from the industry both locally and internationally, including from HS Walsh, The Birmingham Assay Office, Betts Metal Sales, Weston Beamor, The Association for Contemporary Jewellery, Regent Silversmiths, The Scottish Gemmological Association, The Birmingham And Midland Institute, Cartier, Maun Industries and many, many more.

School of Jewellery - Graduate Show 2018 - 5 - Tyler Davies
Horologist, Tyler Davies receiving a prize from the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers with Jeremy Hobbins, Course Director of the Horology Course.
School of Jewellery - Graduate Show 2018 - 9 - Hayley Volkering
Hayley Volkering accepting a prize from Maun Industries.

Of course, in order to win these prizes, the work has to be exceptional and this year’s show is very strong. Here are just a few of our most interesting exhibits:

Graduate Show Opening - 2018 - 5
Handmade clocks by Tyler Davies (left) and Kate Thomson (right) from the BA Horology course.
Graduate Show Opening - 2018 - 9
Work exploring “the abject” by Tilly Wright of the BA Jewellery and Object.
School of Jewellery - Graduate Show 2018 - 2 - Zhixuan Liang
Brooches made as part of a photographic exploration. Zhixuan Liang of the BA Jewellery and Object.
School of Jewellery - Graduate Show 2018 - 13 - George Harrow
Silver salt-and-pepper shakers by George Harrow of the HND Jewellery and Silversmithing.
School of Jewellery - Graduate Show 2018 - 18 - Erica Laver
Sketchbook work for fashion jewellery by Erica Laver. HND Jewellery and Silversmithing.
School of Jewellery - Graduate Show 2018 - 28 - Yiru Weng
Objects by Jiru Weng. BA Jewellery and Object.
School of Jewellery - Graduate Show 2018 - 30 - He Fei
Silver and wood object by He Fei. BA Jewellery and Object.
School of Jewellery - Graduate Show 2018 - 33 - Lanyue Zhang
Wearable object work by Lanyue Zhang. Graduate Certificate Jewellery and Related Products.
School of Jewellery - Graduate Show 2018 - 36 - Andrew Cowley
Fine jewellery work by Andrew Cowley. BA Jewellery and Silversmithing Design For Industry.
School of Jewellery - Graduate Show 2018 - 38 - Hon Chun
Fine jewellery work by Hon Chun. BA Jewellery and Silversmithing Design For Industry.
School of Jewellery - Graduate Show 2018 - 40 - Elinn Yi Fang
Jewellery by Elinn Yi Fang. BA Jewellery and Object.

Overall, an excellent show.

Images courtesy of Dauvit Alexander – School of Jewellery – Birmingham City University.

Talking Practice: Nicolas Estrada

Talking Practice | Nicolas Estrada | Lecture and book signing

6-8pm | Wednesday 20th June | School of Jewellery Lecture Theatre and Atrium


Talking Practice is delighted to welcome internationally-renowned jeweller and author, Nicolas Estrada, to speak about his journey into contemporary jewellery and his work as a publisher.

Nicolas will share his keynote presentation – ‘Carving My Own Way: Creating beyond jewellery’ – from the SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) conference in Portland, Oregon (May, 2018), and explore some of the risks taken and his successes and failures, enjoyed and endured! He will also reflect on his experience of compiling and publishing five books on the contemporary jewellery field, and there will be an opportunity to purchase signed copies after the talk

Do join us for this informal talk and book signing. The evening will begin in the lecture theatre, and the talk will be followed by a glass of wine and the opportunity to purchase books, in the School of Jewellery Atrium.

Nicolas Estrada – Biography

Having left Colombia for Barcelona to work in marketing, Nicolas Estrada’s career path took a dramatic turn that led him to the Escola Massana. There he first encountered the world of jewellery, discovering in it a galaxy of expressiveness replete with infinite possibilities. A relentless researcher, his curiosity and passion for jewellery has taken him all over the world. Guided by a sense of balance and refinement, Nicolas has pursued diverse courses of study ranging from gemmology, setting and carving techniques, as well as research and work in traditional Berber Kabyle jewellery and filigree techniques from Colombia, culminating in a masters degree in Gemstone Cutting and Jewellery Design at the Trier University of Applied Sciences, Idar-Oberstein, in Germany.

He has published five books on jewellery, each drawing on 500+ designs from around the world: New Rings (two editions: 2011; 2016), New Earrings (2013) and New Necklaces (2016) and New Brooches (2018).

We look forward to seeing you.

Zoe + Sian

Zoe Robertson + Sian Hindle


Artists in Residence Exhibition

Join us for our Private View and Celebration

We are delighted to host Transitions an exhibition of work by the School of Jewellery’s Artists in Residence. We would like to invite you to join us on Tuesday 24th April from 6 – 8pm to celebrate their collective achievements.

Transitions | Monday 23rd April – Thursday 10th May

‘We, as Artists in Residence have been given the opportunity to share our individual paths of development and learning.  As we transition from tried and tested techniques to new skills, transition from a modern skill set to a polishing of or rediscovery of old skills.  This exhibition is a celebration of our collective success during our journey.’ School of Jewellery Artists in Residence 2018


Exhibiting Artists:

Sophie Beer, Cara Budd, Katie Dugmore, Kristy Fan, Mathew Gale, Stephanie Holt, Rachel Jones, Qiwei (Mervin) Liu, Andy Marriott, Vanessa Miller,  Katie Shirt, Chloe Slater, Timon Tio, Francesca Urciuoli, Joseph Westley

last1Splash2305 Matthew-Gale-AIR-transitions Timon-Tio-Relic-Bracelet-AIR-Transitions

About the programme:

The School of Jewellery Artist in Residence mentoring scheme runs for a full academic year. It offers access to the School of Jewellery’s outstanding facilities for the duration of the residency, in exchange for student support one day per week.  It is a fantastic opportunity to develop new work and technical skills in a creative environment, through collaboration with the AiR team and opportunity to engage with the rich and vibrant Jewellery Quarter community.

Talking Practice: Dr Alessandra Costanzo

Alessandra Costanzo

To accompany the underground theme of Subterranea, currently showing at Vitt Street Gallery, Talking Practice is delighted to welcome Dr Alessandra Costanzo to talk about the Irish landscape that yields the distinctive Connemara marble. All welcome, both for the talk itself and to join us for a glass of wine (or a soft drink) in the Vittoria Street Gallery afterwards.

1730-1830 | Tuesday 10 April 2018 | Lecture Theatre | School of Jewellery

Journey through the many shades of the Emerald Isle: a beginner’s guide to Irish jewels

Dr Alessandra Costanzo

This presentation will outline how Connemara’s breathtaking landscapes formed in deep geological time as the Earth’s crust responded to the movement of ancient continents and, more recently, by the sculpting action of glaciers. Images of bedrock geology will show that metamorphic and igneous rocks dominate. These bedrock varieties host a range of gemstones, the most notable being the Connemara Marble that has been quarried and fashioned in western Ireland since the 18th century. It possesses at least 10 different hues due to combinations of minerals such as serpentine, calcite and dolomite. Its renowned use as an ornamental stone in the interiors of buildings worldwide and in Irish-themed jewellery is highlighted.


Subterranea | Monday 19th March – Friday 13th April 2018

What lies beneath is the subterranean. It’s the dark, the buried, the out of sight. In their individual ways each of the members of Subterranea is engaged with the buried, the stuff that lies beneath, be it literally or metaphorically.

Subterranea is an ongoing collaborative conversation between Nuala Clooney, Rachel Darbourne, Bridie Lander and Drew Markou. Together they explore the overlapping processes and shared research territory in their individual practices. Alongside displaying work the artists explore how to reveal the usually hidden conversations and processes of both the individual creative journeys and the development of the collaborative practice.

The audience is invited to participate in the opening and closing events and engage with the work. Interaction by audience, participants and the artists throughout the time of the exhibition will result in a continual evolution of the space, encouraging new narratives and interpretations.

Rather than seeking to show a concluded body of work, the show puts emphasis on the process, the journey, revealing the normally unseen side of an artists’ practice and so poses the question is anything ever finished?

3     25







Consuming surfaces | Thursday 22nd March 6pm – 8pm 

Subterranea invite you to take part in their opening event on Thursday 22nd March 6 – 8pm. This performative and edible event explores the notion of a surface as a continuous being with neither inside or outside.

During the evening, biting, chewing and consuming, normally a private activity that takes place inside the mouth’s cavity, becomes externalised and public. Performing bodies and tools taking on the role of the mouth as they bite into a table consisting of a pink mucous membrane. The audience will be served sweet mouthfuls of this continuous surface, a surface that becomes’ passed on and into others and has a new form of existence.

The resulting piece will become a new video work that will then be projected onto the remaining table throughout the course of the exhibition.



Closing Event | Thursday 12th April 6pm – 8pm

Join Subterranea for an intimate and interactive walk around the exhibition with the artists. We seek to provide you with a deeper sensory and tactile experience of the work on show by offering you an opportunity to taste and consume a selection of edible, sumptuous and sweet morsels, each inspired by the artists’ work.



Rachel Darbourne  taps into our childish affections and the recesses and transgressions that may linger there. The familiar cuddly toys, the transitional objects are distorted and transmuted into uncanny, titillating tactile furries that tickle at the boundaries of innocence and other – the stuff that lies just below consciousness. Rachel is a maker, what she makes reflects her perceptions of and confusions about the world, the people in it, the politics, the psychology, the philosophy, and the seemingly existential predisposition to violence. She is Pathway Leader for Jewellery at Plymouth College of Art.


Nuala Clooney  is a cross disciplinary artist who boldly recasts the body, her body, creating part body, part objects that lie in the space of self and other. She explores the sensuous fluids that interplay and intermingle self and other, the dark viscous spaces between felt and feeling. Nuala is currently undertaking a year-long residency at Grand Union Birmingham developing the experiential and performative aspects of her practice. Alongside her studio practice, Nuala works in collaboration with other artists. Current projects include ‘Expanded Intimacy’ developed with Kaye Winwood and a new film collaboration with Tereza Stehlikova.


Drew Markou creates forms that at once look futuristic and archaeological artefacts, unlocked from the earth they were cast in. While his process is methodical the outcomes rely on a certain happenstance, a synchronistic event and the final outcome enticingly unpredictable until they are revealed after the sand-casting process. The resulting artefacts aim to explore notions of belonging, purpose and existence. Drew is a lecturer based at Birmingham School of Jewellery. His current research seeks to examine the synonymic links between creation within religion and that within his own studio practice.


Bridie Lander through the use of black, black glass mirror, black enamel, and a menagerie of other material hints at the mystic; the alchemistic; the dark arts. The black reflective surfaces play with the parallels of the ubiquitous black glass of our mediated technological times with the notions of scrying or Claude glass. Bridie is a senior lecturer at the School of Jewellery interested in the effect of digital technology on material culture, she draws analogies between studio practice and alchemic process.


To find out more visit: