Alessandra Costanzo

Talking Practice: Dr Alessandra Costanzo

Alessandra Costanzo

To accompany the underground theme of Subterranea, currently showing at Vitt Street Gallery, Talking Practice is delighted to welcome Dr Alessandra Costanzo to talk about the Irish landscape that yields the distinctive Connemara marble. All welcome, both for the talk itself and to join us for a glass of wine (or a soft drink) in the Vittoria Street Gallery afterwards.

1730-1830 | Tuesday 10 April 2018 | Lecture Theatre | School of Jewellery

Journey through the many shades of the Emerald Isle: a beginner’s guide to Irish jewels

Dr Alessandra Costanzo

This presentation will outline how Connemara’s breathtaking landscapes formed in deep geological time as the Earth’s crust responded to the movement of ancient continents and, more recently, by the sculpting action of glaciers. Images of bedrock geology will show that metamorphic and igneous rocks dominate. These bedrock varieties host a range of gemstones, the most notable being the Connemara Marble that has been quarried and fashioned in western Ireland since the 18th century. It possesses at least 10 different hues due to combinations of minerals such as serpentine, calcite and dolomite. Its renowned use as an ornamental stone in the interiors of buildings worldwide and in Irish-themed jewellery is highlighted.

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