People are People

I started Week 2 by engaging myself in active group discussion about our thoughts on why people take their time to visit Museums. That was the easy part, as we all share a passion and enthusiasm for the sector but we also thought through the perspectives of audiences who would be reluctant to visit and their reasoning. This helped us gain a basic understanding of the kind of issues that can arise from working in such an environment. In our first lecture, I learned about the various types of museums and how their purpose can influence the contents of their collection. More importantly, I became aware of the huge role that the audience plays and their increasing contribution to the exhibitions.

To finish off the week, we had the pleasure of a brief tour with the conservation team. It’s always fascinating to have a clear idea of the work that they undertake, from a practical point of view of seeing material deterioration first hand and handling some of the less delicate items. It really became clear how vital the role is that this team plays in the general upkeep of the environment and overall, I am looking forward to discovering more in week 3.
Raegan Shaw

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