Hello from Reagan

My name is Raegan Shaw and after recently graduating from Birmingham City University with a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art, I was thrilled to gain a place on this course. With a background primarily in the arts, it was my passion for the literature based and often gothic narratives in the Pre Raphaelite paintings on display that brought me to grow very fond of the museum environment. Of course, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has an incredible collection of these artworks so I am very excited, not only to be able to appreciate these on a regular basis but to finally be able to study in a sector that promotes all of the fundamental values of preserving history, aesthetics, and skill. I am a firm believer that the visually engaging displays are incredibly beneficial. They are not only educational and the best source of inspiration for creative people of all kinds but they also encourage emotional wellbeing, as a place to escape the drudgery of everyday life and witness some of the world’s most wonderful creations.

I’m unsure as to where this course shall take me but it is a promising start and brilliant opportunity to break into the world of museums and heritage. It has, so far, been very enjoyable to become better acquainted with the Birmingham Museums Trust and I look forward to what the future may hold.Raegan Shaw

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