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Bamiyan BudhhaMattin AbassiMy name is Matin Abbassi and I’m from Afghanistan, I call England home as I have spent most of my teenage and all my adult life here. The Love of art, history, cultures and languages made me choose all my work experiences and studies around these subjects.

I would like to work for international organisation such as British Council (Turquoise Mountain), UNISCO or USAID who are actively working towards safeguarding of cultural heritage of Afghanistan which undoubtedly holds a great importance for strengthening the sense of national identity of all the ethnic groups in the country. Also, all my friends are here in England and all my family is there in Afghanistan, this MA course will allow me to work and live around my friends and family.

It also teaches me the necessary knowledge to be able to document, preserve, organise exhibitions and setup galleries for minerals, jewellery, arts and artefacts of Afghanistan internationally and introduce a side of Afghanistan to the world which is not about war and terror. I believe having knowledge about the customer development and fundraising, managing historic properties and innovation programming in museum and galleries allows me to achieve the goals that I mentioned above.
Mattin Abassi

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