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MKate Byfordy name is Kate Byford. I graduated several years ago with a degree and masters in English literature, and since then have worked a variety of jobs in the public and charity sectors. I have always been fascinated by stories and narratives – stories in books and novels, storytelling, the stories that are called ‘history’ and ‘art’ and ‘ideologies’ and the way we tell these stories to each other and to ourselves, and how those stories shape the world. Museums fascinate me as places that have to attempt to both capture, tell, and lead these narratives through their choices about what and how to display their collections. And, increasingly, how museums engage communities in the telling of stories. !

I have always loved museums and cultural spaces and I am keen to explore how I can recontextualise the skills in project management and public engagement I have gained through my career, and to explore and gain new skills and experiences. I grew up near Birmingham so many of the Birmingham Trust sites are childhood memories for me, and I’m looking forward to gaining a new perspective on them.

I don’t know exactly where I’m going to be and what I will want to do at the end of this year, but I’m looking forward to flinging out!

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