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I have chosen to study Museum Practice as I find the Heritage Sector particularly interesting. I have been hooked by the way the sector covers such a broad band of time and materials. The challenge of protecting and providing guardianship to artefacts, buildings and knowledge is fascinating. Especially when coupled with the drive to engage a modern public, and maintain the funding to be able to do so.
Recently I graduated from BSc Hons Gemmology. Gemmology caught my interest with its beautiful, natural treasures. The subject allows you to become a detective in a world of glorious colours and secret histories. Through my love of gemstones, I have been introduced to the discipline of research and the challenges of physics and chemistry. Kate Harper
I have an employment background in Facilities Management and can already strongly identify how I can apply this work experience to future employment. I believe that a position in Museum Management would be a natural fit. I am particularly drawn towards natural history and science.
When I began my Gemmology degree I didn’t believe myself to be a scientist, but before long I found myself ‘doing’ science and my mind becoming more curious about the ‘how’s’ of the world around me. I really relish the opportunity to continue to learn and to be a part of sparking curiosity in others.

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