Do not go gentle into that goodnight

Week 5 of the course saw us being taught about learning and programming methods employed by museums, especially BMT, as well as education in the cultural sector in general. It was interesting to see how museum educational processes had advanced since I was in primary school when it was common to simply just draw or describe an object presented by a museum. Children nowadays have a much more immersive experience where they are able to handle certain objects, photograph them and even catalogue them; making children seem as if they were part of the museum staff. You would hope this would give children a deeper understanding of museum roles as well as object histories, whilst applying real world practicalities, a key part of modern learning. One thing in particular that Andrew, who led our session, said stood out to me. It related to the Faith Galleries at BMAG, in that it can hopefully teach children to be more understanding or appreciative of other cultures, that there are other ways to view life. That surely is education in a nutshell, to make the world a more understandable place.
I was also lucky enough to experience a talk from artist/curator Gavin Wade from the Eastside Projects in Digbeth. His approach to art, bookmaking and printing really opened my eyes to ways of art making that I had not really considered before. The idea of creating something tangible for an audience, really resonated with me and has somewhat inspired me for my curatorial module. It has led me to look at the works of Hans Peter Feldman who’s style of photography displays are intriguing, as well as the likes of 60s/70s news magazine and furniture catalogues which represent an aesthetic that has always captured my imagination from a graphical point of view. These are areas of interest I will certainly pursue in one of my upcoming projects of creating a proposal for an exhibition.

Ryan Bagnall

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