Community Engagement on my Live Project

For my live project, I have been working with the Community Engagement Team at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Over the duration of the last 9 weeks, I have worked on various hands-on projects and consultations that are informed and are for the benefit of the public. Working towards wellbeing, accessibility and community exhibitions; the engagement team have enabled me to work with the community to achieve these aims and put Birmingham communities at the heart of all their decision-making.

The voluntary involvement in such meetings, consultations and research for BMT has similarly enabled me to inform my own research and get stuck into the museum environment. Networking with these community groups has been great to gain insight directly from Birmingham communities and audience segments. Working alongside those with disabilities to achieve accessibility in the museum has been a rewarding and successful job to be working on.





Aspects of each of the roles has meant that although I have worked on many projects rather than just one, I have gained a breadth of experience and understanding of how community engagement works. I have particularly loved the fact that I have been able to work on several things at once, to inform my own research and create an extensive list of research methodologies. I have found that a lot of the evaluative work I have been creating, similarly helps the museum- as staff time is limited and is an area BMT hope to improve on. Demonstrating my evaluative research means that I am working to BMT guidelines and informative sources that BMT hope to work to in the future. I feel that the knowledge obtained during my live project has most definitely directed my dissertation plans as well as career choice, as I have enjoyed that much.

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