All the Small Things

Charoltte BranaghanWe are in week 6 now and the time appears to be going so very fast. We spent most of the week at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and had a focus on Interpretation and content development, something I personally am very interested in. With BMT as the focus for our primary sources of evidence, it was interesting to see how development occurs and the long this process it takes to complete. The Interpretation of an object can be swayed a certain way depending on how the visitor choses to take that information in, as well as the designers way of getting it across. For BMT itself, it takes pride in being able to allow numerous different levels of interpretation in most of its galleries. For instance, if we take the Staffordshire Hoard Gallery there are videos, object handling, basic texts etc. Even the structure and architecture of the room affected the way in which visitors absorb information. Our seminars are always filled with discussion and a point made on Thursday by Katie, our lecturer, made me think. How can smaller institutions, with far less funding, successfully interpret their exhibits in a meaningful manner with only basic text and display cases. Does this then go on to affect visitor numbers and exhibit popularity? This is definitely something I plan to look in to in greater detail for my larger essay this term, at least one component of it anyway. Personally I also quite like the idea of BMT using different organisations such as ‘Dust Kickers’ to test out their existing exhibits and find out how they can develop their interpretation methods even further. When I was younger it was very ‘uncool’ to like history but it is so exciting to see this being flipped upside down and younger generations taking an active role in our cultures representation. In all it has been a very interesting week and everything I have learnt has really helped me to understand the depth that is needed for almost all elements in an exhibit.

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