The High Achievers Recognition Scheme


Haven’t heard of HARS? Here, second year Adult Nursing student and BCU vlogger, Claire, explains how amazing her experience of the HARS scheme has been while studying at Birmingham City University.

At the end of first year, I received an exciting email congratulating me and inviting me to join the High Achievers Recognition Scheme. I have never thought of myself as a high achiever. I was not academic at all before starting at Birmingham City University but here I am today, as a high achiever!

I attended the launch event and found out more. Straight away I signed up for the scheme. It was everything I had been looking for!

The High Achievers Recognition Scheme is exactly what it says on the tin. It has been designed to recognise students that are achieving within the university and the scheme provides support, extra seminars and events to keep you on track to being that high achiever.

The seminars include: Who am I, Leadership, Coaching and mentoring, Continuous professional development (CPD), being resilient, ‘get that job’, time management, presenting with impact and customer focus.


I have attended the seminar series; all of which have been absolutely fantastic and so beneficial to my future career.

The scheme encourages you to become the best version of yourself. Not only this, the scheme is built in a way that it will develop you professionally and socially, giving you the confidence and skills to take away with you resulting in future employers wanting you on their team!

There are 5 scholars within HARS currently (including myself) and we have scholarship funding of £2,500 enabling us to enhance our professional development in a way in which we choose. We all have our goals we want to achieve, and this money helps us meet these goals.

Being one of the scholars is such an honour! I was so excited when I received the email telling me I had got it. So far, I have been able to build my own website, get the Photoshop package I wanted and a new mic for my camera to help with the sound quality of my vlogs. My laptop packed in so I have to use my partners for everything, so with the rest of the funding I will be getting a new laptop which is built to edit and create photos and videos which will massively help my vlogging!


I have met the other scholars and it’s so nice to meet up with other students from the University from other courses. We have regular meetings with each other and we have now set up a HARS society. I am very excited to plan our first event in September.

I am also planning to create a HARS app with the team, so watch this space! I have also been given the opportunity to set up the next launch event with the scholars to make it a fantastic experience for all students who attend.

I have really benefited from the workshops so far. This is an experience you just don’t get through the normal curriculum.

The workshops have really enhanced my skills in all the areas I really needed: leadership, coaching, mentoring and CPD.

For me, as a future nurse, these are what I need, not just for my team and future colleagues but for my patients too. I have met some wonderful people through the scheme and every student offered a place should take up this opportunity.

It has really helped with my confidence, made me more aware of my strengths and weaknesses and taught me how I can use these to become my best self. You couldn’t bottle this scheme up and sell it because it really is priceless!

Find out more about the High Achievers Recognition Scheme.

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