Health Studies Awards Ceremony


Health Studies (Public Health) students recently got together to celebrate the end of another academic year in style with a special awards ceremony to recognise their contributions. 

To celebrate the end of the academic year, first, second and final year Health Studies students and staff got together to recognise their amazing contributions and hard work.

In addition to the recognition schemes that we already have in the faculty, such as HARS which also supports academic achievement, staff on the course wanted to do something more specific and provide opportunities for students to learn about and develop a growth mindset – to reward (and incentivise) growth mindset attributes and promote confidence.

The awards up for grabs were:

  • Student who has most demonstrated a “Growth Mindset” (working hard, putting in the ongoing effort, using feedback to improve learning strategies, developing strategies to cope with setbacks, asking for support)                      Winner: Thahera KhanomUntitled-6
  • Improvement Award (for the Student who has most improved e.g. in attendance, engagement and effort)                                                                                  Winner: Rimsha Sohail
  • Attendance and Effort Award                                                                      Winner: Michael DaviesUntitled-8
  • Best all round contribution on to the Course (e.g. involvement in Course Promotion, engagement in Student Academic Leader role, taking part in external events)                                                                                                          Winner: Marwa SaeedUntitled-5
  • Best All Round Contribution to the BCU Public Health Community (e.g. creating a sense of community among the student group, being a good friend, using the “mentally healthy conversations” tool, mentoring other students).              Winner: Alicia Lashley

As part of our course we will teach you about the benefits for your studies (and wider lives) of developing a growth mindset (learning to value improvement and effort; seeing challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow; and developing resilience in the face of setbacks. Our modules are designed to encourage a growth mindset: through pre-session and post-session activities you have the opportunity to check out and get feedback on your learning strategies. Assessment feedback will recognise effort and successful strategies and feed forward will identify how you can further improve your work. We even reward learning from extra-curricular activities.

Find out more about the course here.

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