Five reasons why volunteering is great for your CV!


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In this blog post, HELS Employability Advisor and Careers+ team member, Stef, explains the skills students can gain while volunteering and how volunteering can boost your chances of getting a job after University.

With Volunteers Week taking place from 1-7 June, what better time for you to get started in volunteering the skills you have learnt while at University to benefit others and your local community?

Volunteering is not only great for yourself but also for your CV too, so here are five reasons why you should volunteer during Volunteers Week… and beyond!

  1. It will leave you feeling fulfilled and positive – by helping others you are not only benefiting their wellbeing, but also helping your own wellbeing and mental health too. It’s human nature to feel good after you’ve had a positive impact on someone else’s life.
  1. Expand your employability skills! Volunteering can help you gain valuable new skills and experiences, that you might not usually have done otherwise. These skills can be transferred across to your CV and job applications to give you a better chance at securing the jobs you want.


  1. Boost your confidence by stepping outside your comfort zone. Volunteering often involves meeting new people and doing new things, leaving you more confident in your ability and skills. Let employers see just how confident you are through your CV, job application and interview.
  1. Build relationships in your local community. Volunteering is a great way to get to know your local community better and give back to your local area – and can also be beneficial when looking for employment opportunities too!
  1. Find what’s right for you. It’s an opportunity to try out different jobs and get an insight into different organisations, perhaps different to the ones you would never have experience of otherwise. This can help you decide the right career path for you and get a greater understanding of jobs available to you.

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How can Careers+ help you?

You can book in to discuss voluntary opportunities to see how you can get involved! We work closely with local charities and employers to find skilled voluntary opportunities for our students in HELS – these are then promoted on our Twitter page @BCU_HELSCareers and posted on the board outside our office – Bevan 132.

If you are a student in a different Faculty you can find your careers team here.

Not heard of the Careers+ team? Here are just a few services we offer…

  • 1-1 Careers Appointments
  • Drop-in sessions
  • Workshops
  • Application Support
  • CV Checks
  • Personal Statement Reviews
  • Job Searches
  • Online Resources

How can you get involved?

To get involved with Volunteers Week, find local opportunities and see how you can put your skills to good use, look at these websites as a guide to getting you started:

Volunteers Week:


Charity Jobs:


If you would like to speak with Stef via telephone then please call: 0121 202 4677 or you can email at:

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