Becoming a Therapeutic Radiographer

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We asked third year Radiotherapy student, Supriya Singh some questions about why she chose to study for a career in Radiotherapy for #WorldRadiographyDay.

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Why did you choose to study Radiotherapy?
I always knew I wanted to work within healthcare, it was just a matter of deciding which field I wanted to pursue! Not many people know what Radiotherapy is or what Therapeutic Radiographers do, so when I researched more into it I found that it had the perfect balance between science/technology and patient care/interaction. I chose this course because I felt that I was helping to make people lives that little bit easier and help them get through one of the toughest times of their life.

What is your favourite thing about the work?
Definitely the patients – you get to meet a whole range of characters when you working within a Radiotherapy department and most of people you meet are so happy and positive. The patients do make the job so much easier, it’s so nice building a relationship with them. Plus, they bring you chocolates and cake!

What do you hope to achieve in your career?
I would love to try and go abroad again and experience Radiotherapy departments in another country. It would be great to see if I could bring back different practices and techniques from abroad to help optimise our patient care here within the UK and provide the best care I can.

If you are considering training to be a Therapeutic Radiographer then these are my top tips for you… 

1) Radiotherapy is not like other courses
You need to be able to commit to it and be able to focus, especially through placement. At the end of the day, you are still a uni student but you might just have more uni demands than your flatmates!

2) Don’t give up at the first hurdle a.k.a your first placement block
Yes, you will be out of your comfort zone and it will feel overwhelming, but it is so so worth it. The patients are amazing and you will feel so good about making a positive difference, even if it is small.

3) Take up every opportunity that you can
The Radiotherapy course at Birmingham City University offers a trip to Canada in the second year, where you can go and visit a Radiotherapy department for 4 weeks. I was fortunate to go and be a part of this once in a life time trip – it was amazing. I went in August 2017 and it was the best thing I have done, seeing Radiotherapy around the world is an eye opener.

Apply now to study Radiotherapy at Birmingham City University – places available for September 2018!

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