My first month at BCU

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Five foods for thought from first year Speech and Language Therapy student, Katie Purdon.

Last week marked the end of my first full month as an Speech and Language Therapy student at BCU! I could write all the clichés in the world here (time flies when you’re having fun, gosh it’s nearly Christmas already, I told you not to worry, etc…), but instead I’ll try to be more useful. Here are 5 things that I’ve learnt in my first month at BCU…

  1. There is no denying the workload. There is a lot to do, with pre reading and follow-up tasks for most lectures. Within the first couple of weeks I think it would be easy to feel overwhelmed, but the support we’ve had from staff (and peers) has made it seem manageable and a lot less scary!


  1. Adapting to new situations comes quicker than I expected. We’re put into new group configurations or new situations regularly and, whilst it is daunting, I adapt to each of them with more ease each time. Luckily, healthcare courses attract a lovely caring bunch of gals (and 3 guys!), so working with lots of new people has been fun.


  1. The staff are amazing. They are so friendly, and make it so clear they are always available to help you. I have been blown away with how approachable and welcoming they all are. My personal tutor is lovely, and whilst you obviously hope nothing will go wrong, it’s so reassuring to know they are there if it does.

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  1. The lecturers knowledge and passion for their areas of expertise will make you interested in areas you didn’t even know could be an individual speciality! My favourite lecture so far was about on importance of reflection with Nicola Clarke, who completed her PhD on the topic. Her passion shone through and she was so engaging – it was such an interesting session.

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  1. I already have amazing friends! This one sounds cheesy but it needs to be said – I feel beyond lucky to already have made so many great friends. It’s strange but wonderful how quickly everyone falls into their little groups, and gets on like they’ve known each other for years! Having a great bunch of people you can rely on is going to be essential for the tough (but exciting) road ahead!


By Katie Purdon (first year SLT student)

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