Week 2 of teaching complete!

Learning from the children is brilliant, writes Primary Education student Becky.

Another week of ┬áplacement done! This week I taught maths and PE – two completely different subjects.

I love teaching PE, especially as I got the chance to teach dance and the children have absolutely loved it. The process of children getting ready for PE is usually very, very long! By the time the children are ready you only have 20 minutes of PE, which is not enough to teach a full dance lesson. But here’s an idea… I always get the children to select a song they would like to listen to while getting ready. Obviously you have to check it is suitable to play in the classroom but it works so well. The children listen to the song and are quiet which helps make the process quicker! One rule is all children have to be sat ready on the carpet by the end of the song. This means they have about 3-4 minutes instead of 20 minutes. Once the children had a few practices they were doing it and we were able to have a great PE lesson!

On the other hand, MATHS! Maths is my worst subject and teaching it made me very nervous. Although I was nervous and worried, I did my research and made sure I knew exactly what I was teaching. There were a few blips during the time I was teaching maths this week but the class teacher supported me and to be honest so did the children. At times the children would pick up on a few of my small mistakes and we would help each other which was brilliant! I was able to assess, plan and teach which is vital for having successful lessons and the children learnt something new every lesson.

This week has been great and I actually am looking forward to teaching maths again. I really am starting to settle in now and starting to feel a part of a great team! The school is lovely – both the staff and children – and I am now preparing for next week’s planning. No Friday night fun…just my laptop, planning and EastEnders!


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