My first week as a teacher…

Primary Education student, Becky Smith, shares her top teaching tips.

My first week is done! I can’t wait to get back into the classroom next week. My plans for the weekend will be planning, planning and, oh that’s right, more planning! Although there’s a lot to do, I don’t mind as I am enjoying it so much. Lots of tips to give…

  1. Be prepared – no matter what, have your resources ready and your planning complete well in advance.
  2. Have a back up plan – always have a backup in case something can’t be done, for example you can’t do PE in the hall as planned.
  3. Keep hydrated – make sure you have plenty of water and teabags (teaching is thirsty work!)

These few points have got me through week one and will hopefully get me through the weeks to come! I couldn’t have hoped for the lessons this week to have gone better and after having an observation I now know some points I can do to help me improve. Now I best go as I have loads of planning to do.

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