A week to go until I’m teaching…

Primary School playground

Knowing the abilities, the likes and dislikes of your class is crucial, writes Primary Education student Becky Smith.

So after meeting with my tutor and other members of staff last week I have just finished my first week on placement in my new school.

I’m in Year 2 and it’s such a wonderful, small school. It is one form entry and all the staff and children are so welcoming. I have got the excitement back that I had when I was in first year placement and I am finally feeling confident that I can succeed.

My tutor did tell me that second year students at uni can struggle to get motivated for some reason. But knowing I am in a good school and have all the support in place means I definitely don’t feel that way and I’m confident I can start teaching to a high level 🙂

I’m still on visit days so I’m getting to know the children, their names and characteristics. I am terrible with names! I’ve drawn a seating plan to make sure I can start remembering names when I start teaching; I don’t want to end up like this next week:


This week has really helped me to see the different abilities within the class and see where I can support the children best. This is a huge tip to take on board in those few weeks to leading up to teaching: know your children! Know their likes and dislikes, their abilities and especially know their names! 😉

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