First week on placement – all’s well that ends well!

British School classroom

Primary Education student, Becky Smith, explains that help is always at hand at BCU.


Friday (pre-placement – 4 days to go!)

So, I’ve just received details about my school for my second year placement and everything has suddenly become a lot more real. I start four days time, so you can imagine how I am feeling!

I’m  nervous and excited at the same time alongside worrying about if I will be good enough or even be able to teach a mixed class of year one and twos. I’ve never been to a school where faith was a big part of it either so it’s a little scary and overwhelming. I certainly need to get over these mixed emotions before I start on Tuesday.


Wednesday (end of day 2)

I’ve been on placement for only two days but I’m having a complete meltdown already 🙁 How embarrassing that it has already been a roller-coaster of emotions.

I’m just not sure this school is going to be suitable for me and I am worried I won’t be able to meet the expectations of me. After a lot of thought I am off into University on Friday to get this sorted out. I’m hoping someone can come into the school and support me more alongside the class teacher, or even find a new placement school. Oh yes, and I am already getting the sniffles – can anything else go wrong?

Friday (end of week 1)

After worrying, being unsure and a lot of tears over the last four days it has been sorted. I will be going to a primary school better suited to me and working in Year 2 (six and seven year olds) for the next eight weeks.

The tutors at University have been amazing and so supportive of my needs and concerns. I could not have got through this without them and they have found me a new placement school in just a few hours ready for Monday morning.

My new school is so convenient – it’s only 15 minutes up the road from where I live and I know the area because it’s just over the road from my boyfriend’s place (so I can pop round for lunch!) WHOOP! I’m now feeling a lot more confident and a lot better about my teaching practice. I just want to do well and show what I am really made of!


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