Another week of  placement done!

This week I taught maths and PE – two completely different subjects. I love PE and teaching it, especially as I got the chance to teach dance and the children have absolutely loved it. The process of children getting ready for PE is usually very, very long! By the time the children are ready you only have 20 minutes of PE, which is not enough to teach a full dance lesson. But here’s an idea… I always get the children to select a song they would like to listen to while getting ready. Obviously you have to check it is suitable to play in the classroom but it works so well. The children listen to the song and are quiet which helps make the process quicker! One rule is all children have to be sat ready on the carpet by the end of the song. This means they have about 3-4 minutes instead of 20 minutes. Once the children had a few practices they were doing it and we were able to have a great PE lesson!

On the other hand, MATHS! Maths is my worst subject and teaching it made me very nervous. Although I was nervous and worried, I did my research and made sure I knew exactly what I was teaching. There were a few blips during the time I was teaching maths this week but the class teacher supported me and to be honest so did the children. At times the children would pick up on a few of my small mistakes and we would help each other which was brilliant! I was able to assess, plan and teach which is vital for having successful lessons and the children learnt something new every lesson.

This week has been great and I actually am looking forward to teaching maths again. I really am starting to settle in now and starting to feel a part of a great team! The school is lovely – both the staff and children – and I am now preparing for next week’s planning. No Friday night fun…just my laptop, planning and EastEnders!


First teaching of week done

My first week is done! I can’t wait to get back into the classroom next week. My plans for the weekend will be planning, planning and, oh that’s right, more planning! Although there’s a lot to do, I don’t mind as I am enjoying it so much. Lots of tips to give…

  1. Be prepared – no matter what, have your resources ready and your planning complete well in advance.
  2. Have a back up plan – always have a backup in case something can’t be done, for example you can’t do PE in the hall as planned.
  3. Keep hydrated – make sure you have plenty of water and teabags (teaching is thirsty work!)

These few points have got me through week one and will hopefully get me through the weeks to come! I couldn’t have hoped for the lessons this week to have gone better and after having an observation I now know some points I can do to help me improve. Now I best go as I have loads of planning to do.

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First day of teaching!

WOW! I had my first day of teaching today and it couldn’t have gone any better. This is why I love teaching! I feel so happy about how well it went for my first lesson , especially to have a child say, “Thank you, I really enjoyed the lesson.” It was very overwhelming.

200w_d (2)

I like to make my lessons active and engaging to ensure that all children are involved. I find that doing more practical things with children really helps them to learn more as well as having fun while learning. Although I do like to get the children up and having a laugh, at this stage it’s so early into this placement that I need to ensure I maintain a boundary so they know I’m their teacher, not a friend. I feel you can have fun while teaching but ultimately they need to know who the boss is!

200w_d (3)
I’m so excited to get back to the classroom tomorrow to teach. I always keep in mind that ‘teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning’ and that is exactly what my aim is to do. That’s what I am there for. The most important thing is to make sure those children are learning what they need to. Working with Year 2 I think is going to be my favourite year! 😀

A week to go until I’m teaching…

So after meeting with my tutor and other members of staff last week I have just finished my first week on placement in my new school.

I’m in Year 2 and it’s such a wonderful, small school. It is one form entry and all the staff and children are so welcoming. I have got the excitement back that I had when I was in first year placement and I am finally feeling confident that I can succeed.

My tutor did tell me that second year students at uni can struggle to get motivated for some reason. But knowing I am in a good school and have all the support in place means I definitely don’t feel that way and I’m confident I can start teaching to a high level 🙂

I’m still on visit days so I’m getting to know the children, their names and characteristics. I am terrible with names! I’ve drawn a seating plan to make sure I can start remembering names when I start teaching; I don’t want to end up like this next week:


This week has really helped me to see the different abilities within the class and see where I can support the children best. This is a huge tip to take on board in those few weeks to leading up to teaching: know your children! Know their likes and dislikes, their abilities and especially know their names! 😉

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First week on placement – all’s well that ends well!

Friday (pre-placement – 4 days to go!)

So, I’ve just received details about my school for my second year placement and everything has suddenly become a lot more real. I start four days time, so you can imagine how I am feeling!

I’m  nervous and excited at the same time alongside worrying about if I will be good enough or even be able to teach a mixed class of year one and twos. I’ve never been to a school where faith was a big part of it either so it’s a little scary and overwhelming. I certainly need to get over these mixed emotions before I start on Tuesday.


Wednesday (end of day 2)

I’ve been on placement for only two days but I’m having a complete meltdown already 🙁 How embarrassing that it has already been a roller-coaster of emotions.

I’m just not sure this school is going to be suitable for me and I am worried I won’t be able to meet  the expectations of me. After a lot of thought I am off into University on Friday to get this sorted out. I’m hoping someone can come into the school and support me more alongside the class teacher, or even find a new placement school. Oh yes, and I am already getting the sniffles – can anything else go wrong?

Friday (end of week 1)

After worrying, being unsure and a lot of tears over the last four days it has been sorted. I will be going to a primary school better suited to me and working in Year 2 (six and seven year olds) for the next eight weeks.

The tutors at University have been amazing and so supportive of my needs and concerns. I could not have got through this without them and they have found me a new placement school in just a few hours ready for Monday morning.

My new school is so convenient – it’s only 15 minutes up the road  from where I live and I know the area because it’s just over the road from my boyfriend’s place (so I can pop round for lunch!) WHOOP! I’m now feeling a lot more confident and a lot better about my teaching practice. I just want to do well and show what I am really made of!winning

Starting university can be scary and being a fresher was daunting. You don’t know anyone, you don’t know who to speak to or what to say! Initially I wasn’t going to move away from home but at the last minute I changed my mind. I couldn’t believe my luck when BCU were still able to help me with accommodation so I had my offer for a place on the BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS course and a place in Oscott Gardens for my halls. Oscott Gardens was right by my campus so I knew I’d be able to roll out of bed and into classes – major bonus!

The day I moved my things in, I had so many different emotions and feelings. I felt scared, worried, nervous and had so many more things going through my head. What would it be like having to live on my own, cook for myself, do my own washing and manage my finances as well as cope with uni work and placement? It’s such an overwhelming feeling and then on top of that I didn’t know if I’d make any friends! I just tried to remember that there are hundreds of new students starting university who would be feeling exactly the same as me and my advice to you is to remember that. All I did was be confident and talk to people – other students, lecturers and tutors. The best tip I could give is to just make sure you be yourself! I wasn’t confident that I’d make friends or do very well at university but I can honestly say it’s been the best time of my life so far. I’ve made sure I stayed true to myself. I wanted people to like me for me and thankfully all my friends do!

Once I’d moved into my flat and settled in, I started to go to the Fresher’s events during Welcome Week which made me feel a part of something and helped me to make so many friends and get to know staff as well! Although they are completely normal, sometimes you have to put those nerves and worries aside and just join in with the nights out or the day activities. Talk to people and get to know them, and most of all, enjoy the time you have at university! Seize opportunities as you only get your first year once and it really does fly by!

In short, your first year’s a bit like this:

You leave home…

Going on an adventure




You arrive and it all gets a bit real!






You meet some like-minded people and celebrate in classic student fashion…








You attempt to look after yourself and each other to get through the year fit, healthy and passing your modules…

looking after yourselfworking out togetherstudying together

And by the end of the year you have the perfect team!

saved by the bell