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3D Remix Changes Everything – Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, Creative Technologist, Goldsmiths University of London

This session will see Matthew Plummer-Fernandez (Creative Technologist, Goldsmiths University of London), deliver his expertise into the wonderful world of all things 3D. He is a digital process artist that experiments with code and 3D technologies. He studied Computer- Aided Mechanical Engineering, Graphic Design and an MA in Design Products. His work has been exhibited globally, including articles on Creative Applications. His work is exceptional, and we look forward to hearing from him at the event.

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Digital Natives by Matthew Plummer Fernandez

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Anticipatory Mobile Computing – Mirco Musolesi

This session will discuss the concept of building mobile systems that can predict future locations and provide consumers with recommendations based on these predictions. The potential that this has with regards to the future of our industry is incredible, and we can all see different ideas and concepts on how this can be used. Dr Mirco Musolesi, a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, will be giving his expertise in the subject, and the possibilities and opportunities there are in the future of Mobile Computing. His extensive research on the subject is based around the networking systems, with a current focus on data analysis, mobile sensing, social computing and network science.

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