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4 Minute Warning with Melissa Sterry

Melissa Sterry of Earth 2 Hub

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4 Minute Warning – Melissa Sterry

In advance of The DRUM “4 Minute Warning” event on Dec. 5th we asked Futurist, writer and Director/Head of Technology at Earth 2 Hub™ 4 questions and got 4 answers…

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4 Minute Warning. Only one thing is certain: this climate of digital revolution. Disruptive forces require businesses to quickly adapt to customers’ needs,…
@MelissaSterry What are you looking forward to most about the event? #4minwarningFuture Media
@BCUFutureMedia Looking fwd to the melting pot of imagination and insight #4MinWarning is bringing together and seeing the outputs of this. MELISSA STERRY
@MelissaSterry What particular opportunities in the Digital Revolution excite you the most? #4minwarningFuture Media
@BCUFutureMedia What I find most exciting about it is its potential to help us build a more intelligent and efficient society. MELISSA STERRY
@MelissaSterry What is the most unthinkable concept you can think of happening in the future with regards to the industry? #4minwarningFuture Media
@BCUFutureMedia An ‘impossible’ I can see becoming possible, thanks to the Digital Revolution, is a world-class education accessible to all.MELISSA STERRY
@MelissaSterry If you could have one super power to sort out all the problems you see, what would it be/how would you use it? #4minwarningFuture Media
@BCUFutureMedia That superpower would be to instantly endow others with the foresight to see the longterm impacts of their actions.MELISSA STERRY