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Kelly Wearmouth, Global Head of Partnerships, Telefonica Digital

Kelly Wearmouth is the Global Head of Partnerships at Telefonica Digital, who’s company policy is to “seize opportunities in the digital world”. The company prides itself on using technology to inspire and to be innovating. Kelly’s knowledge on mobile will provide great insight into what the future can be.

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Interview with Kelly (Mobile Video Summit)

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Making Mobile the Star – Augmented Reality

Mobile is increasing becoming the future, although potential threats lie in the fact that many companies are “struggling to make it pay”. Perhaps one of the most innovate and exciting concepts of the Digital Revolution is Augmented Reality, with many brands all over the world using it to promote their products and enhance their consumers experience. Matt Mills (Aurasma) and Kelly Wearmouth (Telefonica Digital) will be discussing AR, the opportunities it gives to brands and the possibilities this technology has on the future.

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