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9 simple steps to make an effective Infographic

1. Think of your audience

Image source: LIFE

2. Collect data

…make sure it’s relevant

Collect data
Image source: From the movie “A Serious Man”

3. Pick the right one

…more juicy more interesting

Pick up important
Image source: pennlive.com

4. Don’t make it too long

…too lengthy too tiring

Image source:  garethcase.com

5. Short content

…be smarter than Twitter

short content

6. Use graphical elements

…be creative but keep it under control


7. Get the right title for your infographic

…should be short & easy to remember

title for infographics
Image source: fluxx.uk.com

8. Review your work

…not satisfied? go back to start

Image source: theguardian.com

9. Give credits to the source

…because credibility matters

Image source: suncitycenterphotos.com