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Clare McDonald, Founder & MD Wonderful+Brilliant

Clare McDonald is the Founder and MD at Wonderful-Brilliant, a creative house aimed at the entertainment, fashion and music industries.  She spent her early career working with pioneering ecommerce websites, entertainment portals, interactive television and future interfaces. She also worked at bskyb, where she spent years creatively directing all applications, working in product development and developing content ideas for the company. She was the Executive Creative Director of Sky Entertainment; where she worked with advertising campaigns, channel branding and digital products, before becoming the Founder of Wonderful+Brilliant. Claire’s insight into how to adapt to change, with her knowledge and experience in the entertainment and creative industries, will be fascinating.

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Change is as Good a Rest

At 9.45am, Change is as Good a Rest is the next topic, with insight coming from Justin Cooke (BIMA), Clare McDonald (Wonderful+Brilliant), Laura Jordan Bambach (Dare) and George Prest (R/GA). In this ever-changing industry that we are in, new ways of working are constantly being adapted in order to be successful and to move forward. Although the future constantly provides new, exciting technologies and different ways to communicate, these also bring new challenges. The 4 speakers will offer their knowledge and insight in to how we can turn potential challenges into opportunities.