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The Disruptive Future of Marketing

At the Drum event ‘4 Minute Warning’, held on 5th December 2012, speakers from the digital industry came together to discuss what the future holds for marketing and media agencies and challenged them to think the unthinkable.

Talks at this event looked at the digital revolution including augmented reality, 3D printing and the future of mobile.

Our very own Mark Brill discussed what he terms the ‘Disruptive Future’, this is broken down into four sections.  Firstly he looked at how we create the skills for the jobs of the future that have not been invented yet?  This state of Disruptive Employment is a growing challenge for the businesses of today as they need to try and anticipate the changes in the industry and prepare their staff for the future.  Similarly universities must do the same to prepare their students for the jobs that they will eventually go in to.

Shopping also falls under this disruptive heading as brands use showrooming and behavioral targeting through image recognition to re-define the retail experience.  Some brands are also using technology like augmented reality to alter the traditional shopping experience.

Health apps are on the increase and people are increasingly turning to their mobile phones to check their symptoms, rather than visiting the doctor.  The future holds even more potential for this sector as devices that work with your smart phone are being developed to not only diagnose but also to help treat illnesses.

The final disruptive category is interactions.  New screen technologies are rapidly evolving and multi-screen consumption is becoming more and more the norm.  Soon the smart phone as we know it will cease to exist.  How will these technologies impact on consumers and brand engagement?

Kelly Wearmouth, Global Head of Partnerships, Telefonica Digital

Kelly Wearmouth is the Global Head of Partnerships at Telefonica Digital, who’s company policy is to “seize opportunities in the digital world”. The company prides itself on using technology to inspire and to be innovating. Kelly’s knowledge on mobile will provide great insight into what the future can be.

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Interview with Kelly (Mobile Video Summit)

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Matt Mills, Head of Global Partnerships, Aurasma

Matt Mills is the Head of Global Partnerships at Aurasma, an Augmented Reality Platform. Matt holds a degree in Computer Science and has given the TED Talk on Image Recognition and Augmented Reality, which can be seen in the link below. Matt’s insight into the possibilities of AR, and how this can impact our lives in the future will be interesting to hear.

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Making Mobile the Star – Augmented Reality

Mobile is increasing becoming the future, although potential threats lie in the fact that many companies are “struggling to make it pay”. Perhaps one of the most innovate and exciting concepts of the Digital Revolution is Augmented Reality, with many brands all over the world using it to promote their products and enhance their consumers experience. Matt Mills (Aurasma) and Kelly Wearmouth (Telefonica Digital) will be discussing AR, the opportunities it gives to brands and the possibilities this technology has on the future.

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