Sh*t Happens – Justin Pearse

At 9.15am, Sh*t Happens is on the Agenda. This will be an opportunity to evaluate what we have learned in 2012, and what are the global threats and challenges ahead in 2013. It will also be an opportunity to discuss the solutions we have to any future risks

Justin Pearce, who is the Head of Innovation at Bite Communications, will be providing the analysis on the past year and what lies ahead. He is a colomist for the Drum, and sits on the Executive Committee of trade body BIMA (British Interactive Media Association). He worked as a journalist for 15 years before Bite, and has worked for New Media Age, the Digital Media and Marketing Publication.

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Chair’s Opening Remarks – Steve Kemish

Steve Kemish, Managing Director & Chair, IDM Digital Marketing Council, Cyance will open the event at 9am. He is a multi award winning marketer with over 15 years experience in digital marketing, helping his clients realize their potential and deliver results. He is passionate about technology and using marketing principles to get the best out of it. Steve has worked with many brands on digital marketing such as Skype, Motorola, Cisco, ITV and British Airways, and has worked client-side in both b2b and b2c and offers considerable expertise as a digital marketing specialist, be that consulting, training or lecturing. He has worked with the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM) since 2004 on various courses and events and has been invited to speak throughout the world on the subject of digital marketing.

Steve’s knowledge and expertise will be perfect for 4 Minute Warning. With his passion for technology and marketing, he will not doubt provide a great opener to the event.

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5th December, 2012


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Steve Kemish, Managing Director & Chair, IDM Digital Marketing Council, Cyance


Sh*t Happens

Justin Pearse, Head of Innovation, Bite Communications, Cyance


Change is as Good a Rest

Justin Cooke, Chair, BIMA

Clare McDonald, Founder & MD , Wonderful+Brilliant

Laura Jordan Bambach, Creative Director, DareGeorge Prest, Executive Creative Director, R/GA


Adventures in Transmedia Storytelling

Rob Hinchcliffe, Community Strategist , TH_NK

Hilary Perkins, Multiplatform Commissioning Editor, Drama & Film, Channel 4


Making Mischief Connect the Content

Ken Robertson, Head of Mischief, Paddy Power


Create Curiosity In the Information Age

Ian Cartwright, Director and Co-Founder, elevenfiftyfive

Danny Miller, Co-founder & CEO, Little White Lies


Keeping in Touch with your Human Side

Nick Morris, Founder, Canvas8


Anticipatory Mobile Computing

Mirco Musolesi, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham – School of Computer Science


Making Mobile the Star

Matt Mills, Head of Global Partnerships, Aurasma

Kelly Wearmouth, Global Head of Partnerships, Telefonica Digital


Bolt from the Blue


The Revolution will be Homemade

Nick Constantinou, CEO, Collective London


3D Remix Changes Everything

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, Creative Technologist, Goldsmiths University of London


You’d Better Learn to Like it!


Agile Creativity

Hamish Nicklin, Head of Creative Agency Partnerships, Google


The Innovative Attitude

Dave Birss, Talker, Writer & Doer,


When Does the “Unthinkable” Become the Reality?

Jerome Wouters, Senior Product Innovation Manager, Samsung


Celebrating the Power of the Possible:

Melissa Sterry, Director/Head of Technology, Earth 2 Hub



Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK


2045: Humanity 2.0

Russell Buckley, Man About Town, MobHappy


Future Trends

Mark Brill, Lead Partner & Lecturer, Brand Emotivity & Future Media


Closing Remarks

The Future Media Team!

We will all be at the event and we hope to see you there too!

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The Event

4 Minute Warning – Your Chance to Think the Unthinkable

The event focuses on how the digital revolution is transforming the industry. With many new technologies and channels available now, new avenues are being explored in order to evolve with the times. ‘4 Minute Warning’ will give people the opportunity to discover how we can ‘rethink, redefine and relaunch’ area’s of the industry, and the challenges and possibilities we will face.

Many industry figures will be at the event speaking about their specialties, and discussing on how they will evolve in these times. Expects from the fields of Mobile, Innovation, Design and Creative will all be sharing ideas and insight at the event.

For more information, visit the 4 Minute Warning Website

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The Drum

The Drum is a leading resource for Advertising, Design, Media, Marketing, Digital, Social Media and PR. They provide information on current events, new advertisement’s and jobs in the industry. They organise many flagship awards including The Drum Design Awards, The Chip Shop Awards, Goldentwits and many others. They also provide events such as 4 Minute Warning, and provide up to date news, analysis and opinions on the world of marketing.

For more information, visit and follow on Twitter @TheDrum


Hi. We are the BCU Future Media Team and on our blog, we will be promoting The Drum’s “4 Minute Warning – Your Chance to Think the Unthinkable’ event in London on 5th December 2012. Here, we will provide information on the event, the agenda and the speakers, whilst also providing a Live Blog at the event itself.

We will provide information on the different speakers, whilst also asking them questions with regards to the event and posting their answers on here and Twitter. We will also provide insight into the different subjects being discussed and the agenda itself.

Feel free to interact with us via twitter @BCUFutureMedia, and watch out for new content and information being posted every day