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3D Remix Changes Everything – Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, Creative Technologist, Goldsmiths University of London

This session will see Matthew Plummer-Fernandez (Creative Technologist, Goldsmiths University of London), deliver his expertise into the wonderful world of all things 3D. He is a digital process artist that experiments with code and 3D technologies. He studied Computer- Aided Mechanical Engineering, Graphic Design and an MA in Design Products. His work has been exhibited globally, including articles on Creative Applications. His work is exceptional, and we look forward to hearing from him at the event.

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Digital Natives by Matthew Plummer Fernandez

Watch 3D Printshow meets: Matthew Plummer Fernandez Here

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The Revolution will be Homemade – Nick Constantinou, CEO, Collective London

This session, The Revolution will be Homemade, will focus on the next revolutionary concept of the Digital Age, 3D Printing. The possibilities with this technology are seemingly endless and the future of advertising, brands, products and marketing will have to be redefined with this. Nick Constantinou, CEO of Collective London, will give a live demonstration of the world’s cheapest 3D printer live at the event.  He spent 12 years at AKQA before joining Collective, and has experience in producing award winning websites, interface design and interactive content with clients such as Nike, X-Box and Nokia. His expertise into this subject will be fascinating, and it will also be interest to hear his views on what the future holds for our industry with these technologies available.

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Interview: Nick Constantinou – Creative Boom

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3D Printing Articles

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Kelly Wearmouth, Global Head of Partnerships, Telefonica Digital

Kelly Wearmouth is the Global Head of Partnerships at Telefonica Digital, who’s company policy is to “seize opportunities in the digital world”. The company prides itself on using technology to inspire and to be innovating. Kelly’s knowledge on mobile will provide great insight into what the future can be.

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Interview with Kelly (Mobile Video Summit)

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Matt Mills, Head of Global Partnerships, Aurasma

Matt Mills is the Head of Global Partnerships at Aurasma, an Augmented Reality Platform. Matt holds a degree in Computer Science and has given the TED Talk on Image Recognition and Augmented Reality, which can be seen in the link below. Matt’s insight into the possibilities of AR, and how this can impact our lives in the future will be interesting to hear.

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Watch Matt Mills: Image recognition that triggers augmented reality Here

Watch Matt Mills, Aurasma, on Mobile Content Consumption and Interaction – 60 Second Insights Here

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Making Mobile the Star – Augmented Reality

Mobile is increasing becoming the future, although potential threats lie in the fact that many companies are “struggling to make it pay”. Perhaps one of the most innovate and exciting concepts of the Digital Revolution is Augmented Reality, with many brands all over the world using it to promote their products and enhance their consumers experience. Matt Mills (Aurasma) and Kelly Wearmouth (Telefonica Digital) will be discussing AR, the opportunities it gives to brands and the possibilities this technology has on the future.

Augmented Reality Resources

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Anticipatory Mobile Computing – Mirco Musolesi

This session will discuss the concept of building mobile systems that can predict future locations and provide consumers with recommendations based on these predictions. The potential that this has with regards to the future of our industry is incredible, and we can all see different ideas and concepts on how this can be used. Dr Mirco Musolesi, a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, will be giving his expertise in the subject, and the possibilities and opportunities there are in the future of Mobile Computing. His extensive research on the subject is based around the networking systems, with a current focus on data analysis, mobile sensing, social computing and network science.

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Keeping in Touch with your Human Side – Nick Morris, Founder, Canvas8

In an age where technology seems to be taking over our lives, it’s important to find ways to “amplify our humanity”. Nick Morris, Founder of Canvas8, will be deconstructing the successful London Based restaurant MEATliquor, and identifying how it has become such a hit. Nick has been described as ‘a strategic and analytical thinker who thrives on getting to the heart of the brief and finding a solution to client problems’. He has worked in marketing, communications, product design and innovation teams and his specialties include strategy, pitch planning, workshops and public speaking.

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Nick Morris – 50 of the Best Media 2009 – The Guardian

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Danny Miller, Co-founder & CEO, Little White Lies

Danny Miller is the Co-Founder and CEO of Little White Lies, a movie magazine who he launched with friends and collaborators in 2005. Little White Lies provides news and insight into the latest goings on in film, whilst also offering reviews and recommendations. Danny has talked about publishing at conference, universities and festivals all over the UK, whilst also speaking in Morocco, Luxembourg and Texas.  Danny’s knowledge of film and viewer experience means that his insight into creating curiosity will be great to hear.

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Danny Miller: Porky Pies and Surfboards – Le Cool London

Faces of the Film Industry – Little White Lies Magazine

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Ian Cartwright, Director and Co-Founder, elevenfiftyfive

Ian Cartwright is the Director and Co-Founder of elevenfiftyfive. He has over 12 years experience in connecting brands with films and was responsible for the Orange Gold Spot and Orange Wednesday Activity. He was also responsible for Volkswagens sponsorship of Independent Cinema and Cannes Lions award winning Volvo interactive cinema game. His company understands how audiences can now experience film, and his insight into this subject will be interesting to hear.

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Create Curiosity In the Information Age

How does one create curiosity in the Information Age? We live in a world where information is attainable at the touch of a button, whilst communicating and sharing with others has never been so easy. Ian Cartwright (Director and Co-Founder, elevenfiftyfive) and Danny Miller (Co-founder & CEO, Little White Lies), two of the most innovate players in their sector, will be telling us the changes happening in how audiences are exploring in film, and also how to reach and inspire people.