Last week, from March 1st to March 3rd, the MSc junction of BCU Future Media Masters course went to Media Com to openly understand SEO and PPC in the real work environment.

SEO by definition is Search Engine Optimization, for customer acquisition. In SEO one directly invests upon the optimization of the website, for search engine results. The SEO optimization is done collaboratively with the following groups: PR, marketing, and IT. We can pay/bid to get into paid search, however with key words (generic and normal) we can attempt to get a high result on organic search. Comparison websites normally get the highest results because of the various popular search terms. Other activities may also affect search results for a website, e.g. DRTV, DM.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. The ‘brand’ bids for any search term, the highest bidder gets the top result on Ad placement or paid search. The placement is not so simple, it is dependent on the following factors:
-Google Algorithm
-QS, quality score.
-Bid relevancy.

Bidding on competitor brand terms, or having little importance for the term on your landing page, with a low QS, your bid must be significantly higher. While brand terms ganerate low CPA (Cost per action), they cost less, than generic terms (expensive*) used a lot by competitors and aggregators.

CPA, is all about making clicks to convert.