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This is the start of The Drum live blog brought to you by Birmingham City University Future Media bloggers

Good Morning to you all! Today’s the day for the event we have all been waiting for. The room is starting to fill up and all the speakers seem relaxed


Its Started!! Steve has started and has opened the event

Russell Buckley explains the meaning behind “4 Minute Warning”

Sir William Preece “Americans have a need of the telephone, but we do not. We have plenty of messenger boys”

4 Minute Warning comes from this analogy. “Imagine you’re at a football match, and the stadium slowly fills up with water, you don’t have much time before the problem needs fixing. Businesses need to look at the problems and the challenges they face before they become serious.” This event focuses on understanding the challenges we face in this rapid pace of change and the opportunities will have also.

9.47 – Now it is time for “Sh*t Happens”

Justin has kicked off the talk….

“2012 was a massive year, with the Olympics in particular bring brands and big business everywhere… 2013 (besides a new royal baby!) looks like it could be a quiet year”

“What can we get excited about in 2013?. AR? QR Codes? 3D printing?

9.52 – Nigel

“I am excited about 2013 because this is the year of the Mobile.. TV is also at the heart of things that i am excited about in 2013 (Launching the Red Button). Conversion of the Web and TV is hugely exciting… It’s like 2003 all over again…

“Identifying talent in businesses is a constant challenge… Role of marketing is not high up in some businesses.. We have all the technology needed at our fingertips.. When given the chance, you should take them”

“Few start ups are happening these days.. Perhaps this is the best time to start up.. If you have a good story and the energy… Do It!!”

“2012 was supposed to be an amazing year for advertising with all the television events, but it wasnt as good as people think… We must approach 2013 in a positive way.. ITV share prices continue to rise.. So TV isnt Dead yet!!”

Perhaps 2013 is the year of TV??

“In the Future.. we will create our own TV channels.. We will be the editor and control of what we want…”

“TV still has an important social role.. We supposedly can not get big 1950’s ratings anymore.. but X Factor has reached figures of 19m…

“TV is in a much more interesting place… New media community and New Media agencies can get involved”

Lots of interest standalone apps available now for TV. Although problems can occur with broadcasting the content as it should be over the many different channels. Perhaps a challenge for some brands in 2013?


Perhaps the opportunity with television is that, with many people increasingly watching their favourite programmes with their smart phones and tablets, more and more people are doing something else at the same time (tweeting, net surfing). Interesting ways of interacting with the viewer during programming could boost advertising and marketing

“With BBC, ITV and Channel all involved in mew projects, trying to communicate more with the viewers, more opportunities will be available for television in 2013.”

“Outlook for advertising: economic side isn’t great, but the things that you can control and are in your hands are good”

Question from the Audience. How can a start up business do well in Advertising?

BIMA, IPA.. these organisations help brands get a better product out, but whats important is your values and what you are trying to do.Having something good to talk about and having a great story will get you far.


Change is as good a Rest

2nd Panel are about to start. No George Prest unfortunately.. but Justin is here and ready to speak!


Justin Cooke spoke about how ‘Change is linked to Time’. He discussed the history of Kodak, the challenges and opportunities they have faced and how they overcome all this. Agencies should take lessons from these changes they have done and realise that the future is in their hands


Clare McDonald speaks about ‘what change can do for creative’s’ and how ideas have evolved over time. She states that ‘everything is achievable, and that creative’s need to understand this. They need to keep their feet on the ground, look up to sky and dream’. She also stated that they stories we tell need to have truth in them.

“When people work together, we can come up with the most incredible social movements ever….”


Laura is about to speak…

Laura from Dare stated that ‘if you don’t embrace change in a creative industry, your pretty screwed…’. She discussed how we as creative’s are the music makers. We are the ones who should be imagining what the future is. The industry focuses on the negative and doesn’t look at the exciting possibilities of where change is happening.


Rob Hinchcliffe is ready to talk about Transmedia. Hilary has not been able to make the event.

“Transmedia came from demand. We expect our entertainment on our laptops and smartphones. Also, peoples creativity, money and innovates”

“Bedroom technology is changing the future. The willingness and ability to make amazing content with easy and assessable resources is changing the world as we know it”

Rob discussed some of the challenges in transmedia, including the fact that all industries move at different speeds, the battle of attention and the fear of genuine participation.

He then states that the way to overcome challenges is to get involved early. Things change so much and agencies need to be part of what people are doing. People need to add genuine value to peoples experiences. Also, more story doesn’t equal better story. People focus on back stories and we need to ask ourselves why. The story is on the screen, people want extra, not more.

People also need to give themselves room to respond. Be responsive, give yourself time and deliver important content.

Ken Robertson’s talk has started…

“Mischief sets us apart and brings brand personality to life. It makes a difference and its great fun. It touches everything we do and can helps bring us to life”

Ken went on to describe the mischievous projects that Paddy Power has been involved in, such as promote Barack Obama and Bendtner’s goal for Euro 2012.

“Always choose your fights careful and Fortune favours the brave…”

Question – How many people come up with the ideas?

Many people are involved in the development of ideas and stunts done at Paddy Power. Its not just one person and ideas come from anyway

Check out this link to Mark Brill’s Blog. This will be interesting viewing for his talk later.

Danny from Little White Lies Team talk about Curiosity. They want to have content that had an element of surprise. “All we were doing was broadcasting are message and values to people. Through these rules, we were able to build up buzz and connect with our readers. We wanted to embrace how innovative we could be.”

They then talked about some failed projects, stating “If you want to build curiosity, you can not too secretive. You need to let the audience in to your life’s a little more, because the audience will want to know more about who you are.”

We can make constant connections with people every day, through different channels available. We at white lies have a job to constantly content people but giving people more and not less.

Ian from elevenfiftyfive speaks about the opportunities that brands can have with curiosity with more transparency and also the brilliant ways that people are connecting with others.

Matt Mills from Aurasma and Kelly Wearmouth will now speak about Augmented Reality.

Matt gives a demonstration of AR… Pretty Cool!!

“AR is great at bringing amazing art to life. We are moving from doing gimmicky ads to giving people something that they will find helpful and useful”

“AR has every day use. Teachers from all over the world are using it to share information in innovate ways, such as giving students individual feedback on work”

Kelly Wearmouth. “Lets take challenges and turn them into opportunities. Aurasma can be used anywhere and can be the centre of the marketing mix. As a marketer, you can see where people are interacting with your brand.”

Question to Matt – How many people are involved in the Creative Process?

“We have a team of around 25 people working from London and America also. We also work with other companies and creatives to get the best content possible.”

Matt talking about Aurasma

“Many people believe in AR. Spurs have promoted us on their shirts, companies and magazines have given use huge advertising budgets for nothing because people believe that with brilliant content, that this could be part of every day life in the future.”

Mirco will now deliver his talk

“In academia, we are in a revolution. There is an increase amount of data being discovered. The challenge comes in how we can match it all together”

“With the technology we have now, we can really assess human behaviour in what they do, where they go and what they like”

“All apps are built for mobile devices, which are always connected”

“The sensors in Mobile devices these days can identify where we are. We can measure and predict the behaviour of cities in real time, and also other peoples emotions, with interactions, speaker recognition and emotion recognition.”

“We can predict the future behaviour of other through Movement Prediction, but also other information. i.e. activities, social context and emotional states”

Question, “There is commercial gain from this, but how to think people will feel being tracked?

We think that when we do this, that the user will know they are being tracked. If they downloaded an app, permission will be asked first before.

Nick – Canvas8


“We try to understand what people want and what makes people tick. We worked with London restaurant Meatliquor. The design of the place isn’t normal. The food is greasy, the walls have graffiti and it looks like something out of Texas Chain Massacre. But it works; People will queue for hours to get in.”

“It works because it’s an experience going there. No 2 experiences are alike. Its about living out fantasies and giving someone something different that they will enjoy. “


“Its about pushing yourself to the limits, constantly looking at ways you make yourself feel alive. MeatLiquor is pushing it self to the limit, and it works. It breaks taboo’s and gives people something different”


“We try to improve who we are as people and analysis how far we are going in life”


“MeatLiquor understands erotica has gone mainstream and that seedy is cool. It helps us to let go and realise our pressure points”


Now its time for Nick from Collective – The Revolution will be Home Made.


“3D Printing is a form of additive manufacturing where a three dimensional object is created by laying down successive layers of material”


“This will be a mass consumer product in the future. NASA is trying to put 3D printers in space so people in space can print off anything they need. Red Bull have improved performance of their car through 3d printing, and also Hollywood have also jumped on the bandwagon, with 3D printing being used in Bond.”

“Agencies have a real opportunity with 3D printing. Instead of people buying products from shelves, they can get these from printing them at home”

“SMS is 20 year olds, its still important today because its simple, effective and people need it.” Perhaps 3D printing can take influence from this.

“Forget the Technology; Focus on understanding how real people live their lives. Focus on enhancing an existing behaviour, rather than trying to change behaviour.”

“The best ideas have always been relevant. The best way to predict the future is invent it.”

Now time for Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

‘3D mixing is about changing things, making objects from other objects….. Anyone can 3D scan things…Anything can be 3D scanned and 3D printed”

“So what are people doing with 3D printing… Yodas!… Lots of printing happening with Yoda”

“Remixing things has been going on for years (Music) … Its fundamental to digital culture… A concept of playing back things incorrectly mean you get a whole new product..”

“Things start to appear new… we are just remixing things anymore…”

Now time for Hamish’s Talk…

Hamish worked with agencies in the US…. “You need to be constantly changing because the world is changing.. We need to get our agencies to work more like agile developers. Don’t be afraid to build anything. Must try a bunch of things and see what doesn’t fail. It should be exciting to work fast. You should never be scare to fail either.”

“To embrace what’s possible… the concepts of Agile Creativity are needed.”

“Collaboration is huge… Knock down a bunch of walls… Google has no offices…”

“We built a work wall.. if its on the desk, its yours.. if its on the wall its ours..”

Collaboration, Minimum Viable Brief, Hacking, Prototyping and Beta Testing… Try it Out!!!!

Some speakers are missing because of illness… Rory and Jerome..

But we still have 4 left!!

Dave Birss is up now..

Innovative Attitude.. Scotland was once the most innovative nation on earth.

Dave talks about his favourite innovators.

“You have to ask questions no one else will ask, you need to notice things that others don’t….”

“When you create a solution.. can it solve another problem.

Always find great people to work with… This is one of the most important things in working in innovation”

“A failure isn’t the end… Just because someone says no… that doesn’t mean no.. you must find a way around it…’

Now Melissa will begin her talk..

“Unthinkable is a moving target… Why the warning?” “What is unthinkable?” “We live in a world with infinite possibilities… Your smartphone is more powerful than some of the machines NASA were using 30 years ago..

“It is believed that, In 20 – 50 years, there will be no such thing as permanent spinal damage because of technology, Technology has the potential to upgrade human intelligence in the future”

“Can we trust artificial intelligence.. There are good folks out there and there are bad ones also.. We need to keep running ahead..”

“Get out there and embrace technology!”

Now its time for Russell’a Talk…

“By 2036, the mobile phone will be the size of a red blood cell…In 2045, the singularity will occur…

“AI has all types of possibilities. There will no work, wars, death, we can re-animate…”

“But is it a good thing? We are caught on CCTV up 70 times a day, we all locate everywhere…”

“Think about how you can spread the word about the Brave New World and tell people what is going on….”

Now its time for Mark and Julia’s Lecture.

Mark talks about how we are doing the jobs that are not yet invented. Julia speaks about the professions that didn’t exist years ago that are happening today and also about what we do on the course.

“We use all the tools and technologies and transfer all of that into the world of advertising”

“The future will happen in new places..New channels are being invented all the time and it won;t be brand led. Facedeals, where your face is scanned and offers our sent to you (Permission based) might be popular in the future”

“China has more Mobile usage than desktop.. And this will happen here also”

“Your phone is becoming your doctor.. Your phone can test your blood pressure and be sent straight to your doctor…”

“The future is not smartphones at all… There will be devices. (Glasses) but the smartphone will probably be dead soon.”

“The future will feel different. There are lots of opportunities and success is down to user adoption’

If you want to understand the future….

Steve Jobs “You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. You cant start with the technology and figure out where you’re going to try and sell it”

The event has ended.










Matthew Plummer-Fernandez‬‬
‪ Q and A

1.     What are you looking forward to most about the event?

The 5th minute (post warning)

2.     What particular opportunities in the Digital Revolution excite you the most?


3.     What is the most unthinkable, unimaginable concept you can think of happening in the future with regards to the industry?

having it solely run by humans.

4.     If you could have one super power to sort out all the problems you see, what would it be and how would you use it?


4 Minute Warning with Melissa Sterry

Melissa Sterry of Earth 2 Hub

[View the story “4 Minute Warning – Melissa Sterry” on Storify]

4 Minute Warning – Melissa Sterry

In advance of The DRUM “4 Minute Warning” event on Dec. 5th we asked Futurist, writer and Director/Head of Technology at Earth 2 Hub™ 4 questions and got 4 answers…

Storified by John Seedhouse · Fri, Nov 30 2012 11:25:36

4 Minute Warning. Only one thing is certain: this climate of digital revolution. Disruptive forces require businesses to quickly adapt to customers’ needs,…
@MelissaSterry What are you looking forward to most about the event? #4minwarningFuture Media
@BCUFutureMedia Looking fwd to the melting pot of imagination and insight #4MinWarning is bringing together and seeing the outputs of this. MELISSA STERRY
@MelissaSterry What particular opportunities in the Digital Revolution excite you the most? #4minwarningFuture Media
@BCUFutureMedia What I find most exciting about it is its potential to help us build a more intelligent and efficient society. MELISSA STERRY
@MelissaSterry What is the most unthinkable concept you can think of happening in the future with regards to the industry? #4minwarningFuture Media
@BCUFutureMedia An ‘impossible’ I can see becoming possible, thanks to the Digital Revolution, is a world-class education accessible to all.MELISSA STERRY
@MelissaSterry If you could have one super power to sort out all the problems you see, what would it be/how would you use it? #4minwarningFuture Media
@BCUFutureMedia That superpower would be to instantly endow others with the foresight to see the longterm impacts of their actions.MELISSA STERRY

Nick Constantinou Q and A

What are you looking forward to most about the event?

Listening to others talk about the future. Only one thing is for sure. The best way to predict the future is to invent it:)

What particular opportunities in the Digital Revolution excite you the most?

Any idea that genuinely makes someone life easier, invokes an emotion, gets people talking, entertains & generally adds value.

What is the most unthinkable, unimaginable concept you can think of happening in the future with regards to the industry?

That 90% of all advertising communications all of a sudden becomes brilliant. Too many businesses sell a process, not the work. Sad face.

If you could have one super power to sort out all the problems you see, what would it be and how would you use it?

Super Relevant Man. Bit like bullshit man. He would eradicate all the jargon and bullshit in our industry. He asks…is the work relevant?